WATCH the moment Logan Paul realised he wasted $3.5m on “biggest fraud in the entire history of Pokemon”

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YouTuber Logan Paul has confirmed that he spent $3.5m on a box of fake first-edition Pokemon cards.

Paul, who fought Floyd Mayweather in a big-money exhibition bout back in June, claims that he is yet to receive payment from the retired boxer for his participation in the eight-round fight.

It’s no wonder that the social media sensation is chasing payment from Mayweather, as his bank balance has taken a MAJOR hit through the expenditure of $3.5m on a box of fake Pokemon cards.

Paul is one of the most renowned collectors in the Pokemon community. His purchase of six first-edition boxes for $3.5m was the biggest in the history of the card game.

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However, it was described in a recently released video by Paul, it has proven to be “the biggest fraud in the entire history of Pokemon,” with the boxes ALL fake.

Though it had been certified as legitimate prior to Paul’s purchase, with there being no evidence of tampering on the very well disguised box, it was actually full of G.I Joe cards.

You can watch the full video below, and it’s worth a watch, as the YouTuber-cum-boxer goes through the emotions and ultimately learns he flushed $3.5m down the toilet.

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