Logan Paul accidentally buys $3.5m box of FAKE Pokemon cards, begs Floyd Mayweather for payment

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YouTuber Logan Paul has been on Floyd Mayweather’s case over paying him for their June exhibition bout – and it’s no surprise, having heard he wasted $3.5m on a box of FAKE Pokemon cards.

Paul has continued to take to social media to claim that he hasn’t seen a penny of what he was due to be paid for fighting Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition boxing match six months ago.

Though the Ohio-born social media star, who is the brother of up and coming boxer Jake Paul, is understood to be worth in excess of $20m, he may well have wasted a sizeable chunk of that fortune on a box of fake Pokemon cards.

A report by Pokebeach has gone into detail over the various red flags surrounding the sale of the box of cards, which were valued in excess of $2m but were initially up for sale on eBay, with $30 shipping and no insurance.

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There are several other more intricate details that suggested that they were fake, but that didn’t stop Paul from forking out a whopping $3.5m. in order to make them his. He’s now attempting to discover whether they are legitimate or not…

It would surely be the most expensive mistake of Paul’s life, were these cards to merely be replicas and NOT a legitimate case of 1st edition Base Set booster boxes – whatever that means.

Regardless, if he was planning on spending $3.5m on some playing cards, he probably ought to have chased payment from Mayweather ahead of time…

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