🚨People aren’t happy with what the Liverpool fans did prior to kick-off .. 😬

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Prior to the Carabao Cup final some of the Liverpool fans booed the National Anthem before the game .. A lot of people weren’t happy with this, but everyone knows the history and reason behind it for some of the Liverpool fans, see it below and some of the comments ..

I’m afraid I have sympathy with those fans. The national anthem represents a time long forgotten. Once QE11 went they should have all quit. The royal family means nothing to me. I’d put playing of the national anthem in the same category as bending the knee. Sport doesn’t need it

So wot I am more disgusted with the satanic emblem logo used for this final with the horns promoting satan in this once Christian land.

Some people on here need educated. It’s having a dig at the establishment after Hillsborough. They rightly don’t trust them

Brilliant they ain’t subservient to paedophile bloodlines & horse faced birthright Khazarians
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