🚨Jurgen Klopp came very close to hitting this reporter after ill advised remark, the man was fuming 😤

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What a win that was for Liverpool last night against Sheffield United, away from home in the Premier League that leaves them three points off the top of the table. After the match the Liverpool manager was being interviewed and he didn’t find the funny side from this presenter’s question, see it below and the comments to go with it ..

He’s got the fake nice guy act down to a tee, but he lets the mask slip every do often.

Just rude. Speaking to Marcus Buckland who seems like a decent guy. No respect. He even apologised. No need. Yes, the media is arduous but it’s what contributes to his handsome salary. You can’t bite the hand that feeds you. Not even shaking hands. A terrible role model

This schedule is pretty much the same for each team.

Nope, he thought he was funny with his quip about his favourite kick off time. Liverpool have had far too many compared to everyone else, so it’s not funny there is something fundamentally wrong with the system

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