Liverpool fans slam Jordan Henderson, they’ve all turned on him

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Ahead of today’s game at Anfield between Liverpool and Brentford the National anthem was played at the Premier League’s request.

This was to mark King Charles III Coronation.

Predictably, it was roundly booed and drowned out by the Liverpool crowd and most of the players did not sing it.

But fans noticed that Jordan Henderson actually did and he’s come in for heavy criticism online.


One said:

‘Sell Henderson for singing it.’


Another added:

‘Jordan Henderson is a disgrace get him out the club now.’


A third commented:

‘Well done everyone except Jordan Henderson.’


A fourth added:

‘He’s got to go and QUICKLY.’



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  1. For goodness sake if he wants to sing then let him how dare anyone think they have the right to ram their options down everyone’s throat! Really cannot stand bully’s and this is bullying at its finest, good for you Jordan Henderson never be a people pleaser always be the lion, never the mouse 👏👏👏

    1. I think the monarchy is well past its sell by date, and could be torn down. However, thats just my opinion. If Henderson is a royalist and supports the monarchy, then thats his opinion, and he’s fully entitled to it. This intolerance of opinions that differ from yours, along with the social media platforms that give a voice to the mindless, is a plague on todays society.

  2. This our heritage here which is something that should sty with always!!! If I was Henderson I’d say stick your club where the sun don’t shine! That man showed respect which is more than most of the Liverpool fans and players also !!! Disgraceful actions !!!! Come play for Arsenal Jordan? Champions league next season 😉

  3. I’m a Liverpool supporter I didn’t pass any comments about Henderson he plays for England of course he respects the crown. Most of the other players are foreign it’s not their king just another ridiculous post slagging liverpool that’s all this is.

    1. So predictable from the bindippers. Henderson not my favourite player but good on him.

  4. The Liverpool fans are entitled to their opinions.
    It seems they’re not too keen on allowing others to hold a different view.

  5. Omg he’s entitled to sing it if he wants to all these haters need to get a grip and get lost

  6. Why should he not sing the national anthem you do when it’s an England game so why not when it’s a coronation of our King like it or not he is king regardless what opinions say Jordan well done all the idiots booing give u head a wobble were English you should be proud of your country

  7. It’s a free country, and everyone has a right to their own opinion.
    Anyway: No wonder they didnt sing, as most of then aren’t British

  8. I agree!!! Well done to you Jordan Henderson.
    Unfortunately the crowd have let themselves down.
    The people of LIverpool were glad to welcome the the king when he visited the other day.

  9. It’s not as if their reaction to the National Anthem was something of a surprise. Not bothered by that mob nor their rotten club. It’s one of two clubs where I think the fans are as despicable as the club itself. Just makes it all the more enjoyable supporting the opposition when they play in European competition.
    However, in saying this about that club I must say that I really do like the city itself and like visiting there. One of the lies they like to push is that all that dislike their club also hate the city.
    Evertonians and their club I find totally different to the mob from across Stanley Park.

    A big well done to Jordan Henderson for defying the Lemmings in the crowd.

  10. Well done Jordan. Booing etc is not what sport is about. Either keep quiet or join in but booing is not playing the game.

  11. Everything he has done for your club, and you turn on your Captain because he is patriotic and English!
    Wouldnt expect anything else from a laughing stock of a club mind.

  12. Yes as a Scouser, northerner , we see through the royals, just a history of murder, slaves, beheading wives, stealing from the normal people since history began, you bow if you like, I think your a pathetic sheep , basically a shit house mouse who can’t see past there nose, king Charlie is for save the planet lmfao, that doesn’t include us, the plan is 85% of the world population dead and new world order, bow down you stupid fn cunts

    1. And your point is ? Do you know all the background to your family hundreds of years ago .

  13. Most of these people have discovered it takes a lot of effort and energy to think and so they simply “judge”.

  14. I can’t believe it’s being discussed. It’s all over the news Liverpool fans have the right to boo if they want.
    It’s their choice!!!!
    So why are we even talking about Jordan Henderson. Who has the right to say he should be sacked for choosing to sing . Double standards!!!!!

    1. We’re talking about it because some fans abused and threatened him on social media sites, thereby prompting discussion about the distinction between acceptably expressing an opinion and unacceptably harassing and threatening.

  15. That about says it all for Liverpool ‘Fans’ Well done Henderson he is allowed to show his support for the Monarchy like the fans are allowed to not show theirs! get real!

    1. Liverpool is a city of Bullies . Many of the indiginouse people dont believe they are part of the UK .I so wish they were not part of the UK They are embarressing

  16. No wonder they call you the city of pity stop feeling sorry fof yourselves and move on. God Save The King .

  17. No wonder they call you the city of pity stop feeling sorry for yourselves and move on. God Save The King .

  18. There are three quotes of people saying Jordon out. Most will say everyone are entitled to their options, both the Liverpool fans and Jodmrdan Henderson. It’s a nothing story

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