🚨People are hugely disappointed to the Liverpool fans reaction to God Save the King, not good..

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Ahead of the Premier League clash between Liverpool and Brentford the National anthem was played and to no-one’s surprise it was booed.

Watch below:

Fans reacted on social media:

One said:

‘Liverpool fans booing and singing through the national anthem, what a fan base.’

Another added:

‘Almost impossible to hear the national anthem being played at Anfield over all the boos and jeers. No Liverpool player on the pitch sang along. A clear statement was made.’

Although some were left angry:

One responded:

‘Even Henderson who has captained England is barely even singing should never be allowed near the team again same applies for any other England international who don’t sing the anthem.’

A second fumed:

‘Absolutely disgusting. I also include the England players in that remark also.’






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  1. Typical scousers , most vile sounding language speakers on the planet. No wonder pigeons fly upside down over scouseland , nothing worth sh!!!ing on.

  2. Years ago, If you shake a Scouser by the hand, make sure you count your fingers afterwards.

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