LiveLine Caller thinks Kerry Players Have Brought the Game into Disrepute Over their Tattoos – “They’re disgusting really”

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Just when you thought you heard it all on LiveLine with Joe Duffy there was a caller on the show today giving out about the Tattoos that some of the Kerry players have on their bodies, Quoted by

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“They’re disgusting really, as far as I’m concerned.

They’re wearing these short sleeve shirts to show off the tattoos. They’ve learned that from watching Australian football in the NFL (not a typo)…

I think they’re disgusting. I’m not perfect myself, I have my faults. But any right minded person wouldn’t agree with anybody wearing tattoos.

Eventually, emphysema sets in and the blood stream gets poisoned. Then you’re in trouble. It can set in after two years according to medical reports. I’m not a medic but I’ve read about it…

I haven’t any children, but if I had I wouldn’t allow them wear tattoos. No way.

It’s bringing the GAA into disrepute. It’s giving the Kerry team a bad image…

They don’t look like footballers, they look like gurriers.

I think the President of the GAA, the Kerry manager, and the Kerry County Board should step in now and do something about it…

If they want to put on the long sleeves, I’d be happy with that…

When I was young I never heard of tattoos until I came to Dublin.

You’re talking about Paul Galvin, he’s not a good role. He’s not a role model.

That’s my opinion, but it’s a lot of other people’s opinions. He thinks he’s a fashion icon, but I don’t think he is.”

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