Priest in Listowel slammed for disgraceful sermon that goes viral for all the wrong reasons

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At the weekend in St Mary’s Church, Listowel a priest gave a sermon that has got a lot of people talking online, the sermon has gone viral as the priest talks about a lot of things that the Church wouldn’t stand for, including abortion and gay marriage. People are outraged with the sermon the priest game, as it goes viral online. See it below;

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Not sure was this the right course of action from this priest, since then the Bishop of Kerry has apologised over ‘deep upset and hurt’ caused to parishioners following the homily which referred to sex between two men and two women as a sin, among other comments.. I think this priest should think twice next time..

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  1. It’s quite funny really, as a person not infected by the religious delusion, I’m amazed that anybody would take seriously the uttering of a man who believes this nonsense.

    1. Agreed.
      But then practically everyone in Listowel has me down for a nutter for saying climate change could cause human extinction.
      Is free speech extinct already?

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