LISTEN: ‘F***ing hell’: Jose Mourinho’s sweary rant after Everton defeat

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Chelsea’s recent run of bad results have heaped pressure on manager Jose Mourinho and the strain is starting to show.

The Blues have got their title defence off to a shaky start and Saturday’s 3-1 defeat to Everton left them 17th in the table and hovering just above the bottom three.

Mourinho was seething after the game, and judging by this audio, took it out on Everton manager Roberto Martinez.

Martinez was being interviewed by press after the game when the Chelsea boss rudely interrupted.

“Roberto, next time tell me go before you,” Mourinho snapped. “Because we have to travel.”

He was apparently annoyed at the Everton boss for going to the press first, but Martinez explained that he didn’t make the decision.

“I didn’t control that Jose, I didn’t control that,” he answered mildly.

The audio has beeped out Mourinho’s response, but he reportedly said, “f***ing hell”, before walking back out.

The media pack gathered in the room are amused by the interruption, laughing and describing Mourinho as “throwing his toys out of the pram”.

But Martinez takes the prize for the best response.

“When he beat us 6-3 (last season) he was such a nice man,” he said. “I prefer him like that.”

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