Limerick officials fuming over latest timing call

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By Kevin Murphy

Limerick minor manager Leo O’Connor was left very frustrated after the referee failed to play the full two minutes of injury time against Tipperary yesterday.

Referee Joe Larkin blew the final whistle after one minute and 22 seconds which incensed O’Connor and the Limerick officials.

The Treaty hurlers were piling on the pressure in the closing minutes and they trailed by three points when the final whistle was sounded.

“It was blown at 31.20 according to the stadium clock. We asked the referee about this when he was leaving the field.

“He said that 32 minutes had been played by his clock. We asked the referee which clock you go by,” added the disappointed Limerick manager.

An incorrect call by HawkEye in Croke Park cost Limerick a point against Galway in the 2013 All Ireland minor hurling semi-final.

Limerick County Board vice chairman Liam O’Sullivan took to twitter to vent his frustrations at the latest controversy to affect Limerick hurling.

“Hard luck to our minors. We must be the guineas pigs for every incompetent balls-up in the GAA. From HawkEye to a guy who can’t tell the time!”