🚨People weren’t happy as they noticed one thing about Kyle Hayes as he left the courthouse .. 😬

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Limerick hurler Kyle Hayes received his verdict yesterday and as the 26 year old left the courthouse, supporters weren’t happy in the manner he left it ..

See the post below and the comments to go with it ..

You posted something less provocative earlier but obviously didn’t get the traction on that post so decided to go again. A pathetic post from a very needy individual.

This really does not send a great message to the vast majority of people, his behaviour is not ok and should never be justified, am a little disappointed In John Kiely advocating for him, regardless if you are a GAA Player you still should be accountable for your actions

Its a joke….sending out the wrong message to young lads…..hot away with it….

I couldn’t agree with you more Gareth! He should have got prison to teach him a lesson! Thug of the highest order!!

He’s a very very lucky boy and if I was his victim I’d certainly feel he got preferential treatment because of his notoriety.
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