Limerick break a new & ‘dangerous’ record for the GAA & it’s ‘beliefs’

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The three in a row All-Ireland Champions Limerick broke a new record this year, a record previous held by the Galway hurlers, according to the Irish Examiner. €2million was spent on the treaty county and their preparations in capturing the Liam McCarthy for the fourth time in five years.

The Irish Examiner report: Despite the reduced inter-county season, the All-Ireland senior hurling champions spent €2,297,886 on all their county teams, an increase of almost €1m from last year’s figure of €1,321,258, which was smaller due to the pandemic-affected season when the senior hurling championship was played on a smaller qualifier format and the SFC on a knock-out basis.

Some people have a problem with this online, ‘is the game not supposed to be amateur? How will the likes of Offaly and Carlow etc.. ever compete with this again?’

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Should the GAA try and not step in and make it a more equal playing field..? Spread the wealth and give to the needy..

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  1. Galway, Mayo and Wexford also broke the €2million mark. But that’s alright I suppose cos they wom f**k all. Lazy and selective reporting.

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