🚨John Kiely coming under heavy fire for what he did for Kyle Hayes .. 😬

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The Limerick hurling manager John Kiely is coming under heavy fire from one Limerick supporter of how he has handled the Kyle Hayes situation. Did the school teacher John Kiely handle this right? See what Limerick supporter Get Downes said and some of the comments underneath ..

Whatever he is or isn’t, he was found NOT GUILTY of the more serious charge. Anyone without a criminal record would’nt get a custodial sentence for a public disorder charge. Why then should he have got a prison sentence? Because of who he is? Keep things in perspective.

Huge respect to you for saying that. Jail time or not, he should have been discounted as regards selection for the county team this year.
One of the bedrocks of the Limerick team is the genuine spirit within it. I don’t see how this can’t but upset. I wouldn’t want him to be my team mate. If he cares at all – step away for the year. Remember, he was found guilty.
Sportsmen in this country are evidently above the law. Whether it is rugby, football or GAA, players can be as violent and lawless as they like and will get away with it as they are seen as heroes and role models. This mentality has to change. This loser should be in prison
He got a jail term but it was suspended because the Judge said it wouldn’t do anyone any good sending him into custody. I agree with the judge. It was a nasty incident but looks like Clare will have to battle against Hayes in Ennis. What a player.
Fair play, Ger. John Kiely, as a school teacher/principal above all else, getting involved was the lowest in this case, IMO.
As I’m married to a die hard GAA man well done for calling this out. Disgraceful from John Kiely
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  1. Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.
    We have all erred some bit in our teen years and are now thankful for the second chances we got.
    Learn from your mistakes and move on to be a better person.

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