Donal Óg Cusack: ‘Hegarty Draws it on himself’

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The former Cork Goalkeeper Donal Óg Cusack was on punditry duty with former Clare captain Anthony Daly and former Galway manager Micheál Donoghue. Cusack has very little sympathy for the Limerick forward Hegarty after he picked up a second yellow and was shown the line.

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“The Clare player makes a huge deal of it,” Cusack said on The Sunday Game about the second yellow card.

“He does swing. This is my point about him all the time: There’s no need for it. By swinging back with the hurley there, you’re asking for trouble. He’s drawing that hassle on himself.

“He’s one of the greatest players I’ve ever seen in terms of his abilities. He makes the impossible look so simple. He is asking for it by getting involved, and flicking back like that.”

“The free was given against him. Why leave the hurley in at all?” said Daly.

“There was no way the first one was a yellow card. He should not be put off the field for those two things. He doesn’t deserve that. He’s a good guy.

“That first one, all he wanted to do was take a quick sideline ball. Davy Mac made a nuisance of himself, and stayed there in front of him. If he got a belt from the pull on the ground, he was entitled to get it from where he was standing.”

“I think that’s a fair point,” said Donoghue.

“The fact that it is Gearóid Hegarty, he is nearly like a villain in a pantomime at this stage. Everyone is just watching every action that he has. Yes, I agree that he’s coming in and leaving the hurl. The first one most certainly wasn’t a yellow card.”

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