Details Emerge of a Tunnel Fight Between Limerick & Clare Gardaí & Stewards involved

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What a cracking game of hurling that was between two great teams and probably the two best teams in the country in Clare and Limerick. The final score was Limerick 1-29 Clare 0-29 after extra-time, two serious sides going hell for leather, could we see them for a third time in the All-Ireland final in mid July?

There was a fight in the tunnel just before the start of extra-time and details are starting to merge of the scrap between the sides.

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It was chalk and cheese compared to the Leinster hurling final in Croke Park yesterday between Kilkenny and Galway. These two have to be the best in Ireland coached by John Kiely and Brian Lohan.

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  1. Yes there is a very nasty streak to this Limerick team . Officialdom have been more than lenient to them , especially Gillane.

    1. Actually having a laugh, after how Clare conducted themselves for that whole game. The sheer aggression shown by Clare players to not only Limerick players but the refs and line refs as well, disgraceful. Just used to everyone accepting the behavior or standing up to it just foreign ground is it.

    2. Where is the nasty in Limerick will you tell me. They are hard hurlers it’s a man’s game and if you can’t take the hard belts then stop playing hurling. There’s a big difference between hard and dirty and we saw a lot of dirt come out of Clare last Sunday. No 2 Hayes for one but that was only a slippery hurley I suppose. Give me a break.

    3. What match were you watching clare are dirtier than limerick after sunday did you not see gillane been tore from 1 side to other of ball belt of hurley in to seamus flanagan back and the coward did it when flanagan was walking away sean finn also and will o donoghue sean finn had a concussion from the belt he got once into head and once under chin the fouls were highlighted by cummins on sunday game so how you can blame limerick is beyond me

    4. Actually there were three incidents in the game on Sunday by Clare players that individually merited red cards so Clare should have finished with 12 men if the officials were doing their job. A punch, the assault on Flanagan and the assault on Finn. Disgraceful from Clare to be honest. Limerick played a tough, fair, physical brand of hurling! Sour grapes otherwise!

    5. Bull shit comment,,those limerick hurlers are real men real sportsmen, who give yes but take a lot of cowardly stuff too fair play for standing up for themselves,,

    6. Given the behaviour of the Clare players on the field, it’s no surprise how they’d act away from the cameras.

    7. I played hurling at all levels for twenty yrs and how Clare finished with fifteen is a mystery to me.three straight red cards at least.Now if this was reversed there would have been calls to ban Limerick from the rest of championship.As for what happened in tunnel I hope it is investigated because I have spoken to someone who was in there …

  2. Did you not see the clare players in action. Peter duggan more that onces got away with off the incidents. Along with the corner back on seamus flanagan. The Sunday game only picked a few out. Happening all day long. Jealous is a terrible thing..

  3. Good on you limerick ,Clare thinks the sun shines on them full time ,Clare more than likely started it 👍👍😎

  4. What a load of rubbish
    the referee was blinkered when it came to
    What was happening to Aaron Gillane
    He was deliberately being manhandled
    All through the game eventually his marker was yellow carded and deservedly so
    Claire tactics rough them up we stand achance
    Of winning it didn’t work in Ennis or Thurles
    Best team in Ireland 4 in a Row says it All

  5. I agree that the stakes are high for limerick team holidays etc…it appears they are being taught this in training playing on the edge and how to fool the ref throw down a hurley and get a free .

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