Former Tipperary Manager Believes the Referee Got it Completely Wrong

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The former Tipperary manager Liam Sheedy was on The Sunday game on Sunday evening and believes the man in the middle Thomas Walsh got the vital decision wrong at the end. And believes it was a crowd influenced decision, would you agree with the former Tipperary manager, see it below;

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“It was a big talking point, what Thomas Walsh did was very, very unusual to see. I think everyone agrees that Galway should have been out of sight and won the game, they left Wexford in it.

You see here when he places the ball, we started the clock. Generally, when people start to mess with this what you see is an add on of time at the end.

You can see the Wexford crowd are roaring ‘how long’, it is building. After 11.5 seconds, Thomas Walsh says ‘hold on a second, I’m throwing the ball in’. Obviously Lee Chin won the break and went and got the point.

Lee Does a similar action when he leaves his ball down. Obviously this is a big free for Lee Chin, so he’s going to take his time. This is the difference between sitting on no point and sitting on one point. He takes his time, we all know the outcome here and he bangs it over the bar.

You can see here, we’re at 17.6 seconds when the ball goes away.

If I was standing in Henry Shefflin’s shoes last night, I would be cross standing there. It’s not something we generally see, it was a big moment in the match and I think it was crowd influenced.

I think Thomas Walsh got it wrong. Having said that, Wexford took full advantage of it and will be delighted to squeeze the point that they have got.”

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