Liam Brady & Didi Hamann take Aim at Harry Kane’s Performance for England

The former Arsenal and Ireland International midfielder couldn’t help but find fault with Harry Kane in his performance against Croatia today at Wembley Stadium and to be fair it’s hard to disagree with the former Juventus player.

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“It’s probably a little bit of nit picking about Harry Kane but he didn’t bring anybody into the game.

You need somebody up front who’s going to hold up the ball and bring Foden and bring Sterling into it. I think he’s a worry for England…

The world class players can do things on their own. I didn’t think he had a great World Cup in 2018, I didn’t think he had a great Euros in 2016, and he’s started poorly here today.

That would be troubling for Southgate when he goes back. I don’t see him being dropped in the next two games, but if he doesn’t do it in those games, what are you going to do then?

You’re into the knockout stages. Are you going to pick the best team or just hope that Harry Kane can switch it back on?”

The former Liverpool and Champions League winner Didi Hamann agree with the Dubliner.

“I think if you have your number nine and you captain, he has to contribute even if he doesn’t score.

With the great centre forwards, they always give you something. Even if they don’t score they create a chance, they hold the ball up. Today he didn’t do anything.

That’s always the question with Kane when you’re talking about him being world class. He is a fantastic goalscorer, no doubt about it, but when he doesn’t score does he give the team enough?

He is there to create space for others…

The question is at the highest level does he do it enough? Has he had the impact in the Champions League? I don’t think he did. Has he had the impact in major tournaments? I don’t think he has.

The Premier League is a different competition, of course it’s hard to score goals in the Premier League. Based on today’s performance, it is a worry.

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