🚨Liverpool fan tries to claim that Liverpool is more Irish than English .. 🤔

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One Liverpool fan was on a podcast and tried to make sense of Liverpool fans and their relationship to when it comes to supporting England in the major tournaments. Have a look at what he had to say below and the comments underneath ..

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“I don’t want to support England because Liverpool is historically an Irish city” – Bloke not from Liverpool.
Even more embarrassing that he isn’t from Liverpool because of his take.
That scouse accent was so thick I couldn’t understand a word he was saying, thank god for the subtitles!
Ik Liverpool fans (scousers in general) hate England but I’d much rather QPR win 10 games on the spin than England win the Euros
I’d say that’s his subjective viewpoint based on stuff he thinks he should say due to confirmation bias. We all want England to win. Some people just prefer club football over international football.
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