Tommy Bowe grills Leo Varadkar on LIVE TV – Frost v Nixon..

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The former Ulster and Irish rugby player Tommy Bowe and now present of Ireland AM on Virgin Media was interviewing the leader of Fine Gael yesterday and really went hard on the future Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.

There’s no doubt about it, but for a county the size of Ireland of only 5 million population, it seems ever government can’t get it right and some of the figures the former winger called out to the returning Taoiseach are unforgivable. See the video below;

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Some of the stats that Tommy Bowe called out there are unbelievable and people are angry and that’s why there’s a big change coming in Irish politics and you will probably see that in the next election.

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  1. Leo is for the bird s we can’t say there will be more homeless sure why would the fat cats want to know about it they will still have the big dinner party’s sure look what they done in lockdown

  2. You couldn’t believe the lord’s prayer out of this parasites mouth Here’s a guy going to be leader of our country who has been under çriminal investigation by the DPP and the police for twoyears The charges were dropped by the DPP and commissioner the two he had helped with the partime Justice Minester in getting them appointed to the posts How crooked is Leaky Leo

  3. Ireland 2023 it will be 1980s plus 2008 combined together .Mass unemployment and emigration.Ten of thousands homeless .And government heading off into the sunset with there 6 figure pay off giving the Irish people the two fingers

    1. stop fu*&ing voting FF/FG in if you want it changed. No other parties have been in government and still you vote them in. S T U P I D – P E O P L E – V O T I N G

  4. Please as much as Tommy wants to taunt Leekie Leo he’s not important enough to get to him nobody is accaept from those in Europe who call all of Ireland’s shoots/deals. He’s a puppet

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