🚨Labelled the worst take ever on Leinster returning to Croke Park after 14 years ..

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This is pretty bad and pretty petty to be honest from this SportsJOE journalist, it’s clear the young lad HATES rugby with a vengeance!

See his take on Leinster coming to Croke Park in two weeks time and see some of the comments underneath ..

There seems to be a bunch of people who think making their whole personality hating rugby (or another sport soccer, golf etc) is an excuse for having no personality to speak of.
its not a serious piece, its a clicks and views and traffic thing. if its not sponsored and its not behind a pay wall its highly likely its click fait
Gas he was saying about south dubliners wearing brown shoes ? As if the stereotype if brown shoes isint culchie lads in coppers wearing brown shoes with boot cut denim jeans and a pint of bulmers
There’s nothing worse than someone with a mic who doesn’t know what he’s talking about
I’m so annoyed at so called podcasters who can’t be bothered to check simple facts
Can I just clarify please that this fella does NOT represent the vast majority of sane Cork / Munster supporters
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