“You are employing somebody who spat at a girl” – Le Tissier tried to get Carra sacked from Sky

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Matt Le Tissier attempted to save his job at Sky by referencing Jamie Carragher’s famous spit through the window of a car.

Le Tissier, who is regarded as one of the most naturally talented footballers ever to grace the Premier League, has had a tin foil hat glued firmly to his head in recent years.

The former England international has turned into an internet conspiracy theorist, much to the entertainment of those who realise much of what he spouts is utter nonsense.

It’s no surprise that in the midst of it all, with Le Tissier peddling COVID-19 conspiracies, Sky determined that it was inappropriate for him to continue working for the company.

However, Le Tissier was not prepared to lay down his weapons and leave quietly. Instead, he attempted to bring Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher down with him.

Matt Le Tissier suggests Sky Sports sacked him for views but insists: "I'm  not a nutter" - Mirror Online
Matt Le Tissier (pictured) was given the boot by Sky Sports

Speaking on The Rob Moore podcast he explained, “Within five seconds I was told there was no more work for me at Sky. I had about seven months left to run on my contract but I was told that I wouldn’t be needed anymore.”

“They didn’t really give a particular reason, they just said ‘the show was going in a different direction’, they were the words I think they used. So I asked the question, ‘does this have anything to do with my posts on social media?'”

“To which their reply was, ‘well we have to take into account the reputation of the company when making these decisions.’ At which point I said ‘oh that’s interesting, because at the moment, you are employing somebody who spat at a girl from his car.'”

“Jamie Carragher, who spat at a young girl through his car. They suspended him for six months and then brought him back into the fold. I said ‘do you not think that might have harmed the reputation of the company at all’ and I got told ‘we can’t talk about other people on this’ so that was it really.”

Jamie Carragher spitting: What happened? Who did he spit on? Should he be  sacked from Sky? - Daily Star
Jamie Carragher (pictured) was filmed spitting through a car window

Le Tissier will undoubtedly have felt as though he was making a good point, but Carragher made a terrible mistake as a result of a sudden rush of blood to the head. Le Tissier’s dangerous shortfalls are calculated.

Le Tissier has repeatedly doubled down on his belief in these nonsense and fearmongering conspiracy theories that he shares to his hundreds of thousands of followers across social media.

He absolutely deserved to be given the boot effectively immediately. Carragher himself was perhaps fortunate to survive, but the two situations are not comparable in the slightest.

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