🚨Spanish TV host reveals she kicked LaLiga star out of bed after he bit her face ‘like a pit bull’

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Spanish TV star Amor Romeira has revealed that she kicked La Liga star out of her bed for biting her face ‘like a pit bull’. Amor Romeira rose to fame for her appearance on Spain’s Big Brother, the 34 year old beauty recalled the story of her and one of the Deportivo La Coruna players…

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Romeira said: “I went out partying in Madrid and met a group of footballers who had come to party.

“The desire arose. I really liked one of them and told him to come home. We arrived at my house and I loved it because it was very passionate.

The Spaniard took a LaLiga player home after a night out four years ago

“It was kissing, as well as throwing you on the couch and looking at you with a ‘I’m dying for you’ face. But it started to rise in level to hair pulling and spanking.

“Suddenly he came up and bit me in the face, but as if he were a pitbull. Well… As I got, I kicked him out of the house.

Romeira revealed the player bit her on the face while getting intimate

“How the bite hurt! And on top of that in the face! “I couldn’t believe it!”

Romeira, 34, claimed the bite left a mark on her face, leading her friend to ask what happened.

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