Rule Nick Kyrgios breached had women playing BRALESS at Wimbledon

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Nick Kyrgios ignored Wimbledon rules by wearing red Jordans on the court – despite said rules previously having forced women into playing braless.

Kyrgios has been causing a stir wherever he was gone in this competition to date. That’s why he draws a crowd, not only because he’s a superb tennis player, but because he’s a HUGE character.

His latest on-court violation was his decision to change into his red Jordans on centre court, despite Wimbledon rules stating that you must wear all-white attire throughout.

The Australian’s decision that he was above the rules resulted in a rather frosty back and forth with a journalist, something that Kyrgios is certainly no stranger to experiencing.

“I’m not above the rules … I just like wearing my Jordans,” said Nick Kyrgios

Before he ignores any more of these violations, however, he ought to consider the lengths that those before him have gone in order to comply with the rather strict Wimbledon regs.

As is reported by the Daily Star, female tennis stars have previously had no choice but to remove their bras while playing so not to breach the rules enforced by the competition.

Take British tennis player Naomi Broady for example. Back in 2014, she had no choice but to remove her underwear, leaving those in attendance with an eyeful. Think of Naomi, Nick!

The ruling appeared to affect British star Naomi Broady

Broady seemed to forego a bra during her second round match against Caroline Wozniacki