🚨🚨Limerick have made a big call on Kyle Hayes that has been meet with a mixed reaction from the public .. 😬

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The former hurler of the year Kyle Hayes is set to start for Limerick this weekend against Dublin in the league and a lot of people aren’t happy with this season, especially because of Hayes in the middle of court case ..

See the reaction and some of the comments underneath ..

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Has he not been jailed yet? Did he get off with probation act or some similar rubbish?

Least the match is on early so hayes can get home before his curfew

Nothing will stand in Limericks way this year. They are inches from immortality.

Kiely is a joke selecting him and standing up for him in court over a game a disgrace.

Jp paid 32 million to quieten the nation

Dublin getting reinforced helmets made for saturday night so hopefully they dont come off the ambulance will be out on the pitch.

Shameful decision… Limerick coaching staff clearly are lacking moral compass

And just a few days after another assault on the streets, leaving a guy in hospital with a fractured skull. More a moment of madness this time than than Hayes’, but similar outcomes. Whatever the judge does, it appears Lim Gaa will back Hayes, doing this before sentencing.

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  1. The chap made a mistake and leave him be.there are worse things happening in the world and this country.he is a fantastic hurler and a brilliant watch.keep the chin up👍

    1. How many times do we need to punish him? My understanding is he had a clean record before the event and nothing subsequent to it. His punishment will be decided by the people we pay to do that, the Courts. Let the courts do their job. No one should be punished twice. We’ve all seen what he did, it was awful but he will take his punishment and should also be allowed move on.

  2. Just goes to show how skewed the moral compass of the GAA is…if this was rugby the lad would touch a ball for a year

    1. Don’t put Rugby and Kyle Hayes in the same sentence. Hayes is a great athlete and a gifted hurler. Rugger is a game for lads who can play nothing else.

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