🚨More details emerging this afternoon from the Kyle Hayes trial, this really is shocking! 🤬

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One of the best hurlers in the country and on one of the greatest teams ever to play the game of hurling. Kyle O’Dwyer is finding himself in big trouble as of late and no one likes to see this.

But some of the details emerging from this case are really damaging for the former hurler of the year. See it below;

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Garda Landers said this man ran from the scene and was chased. When he finally caught up with him, he was arrested. The man was Kyle Hayes, and he gave his name as Kyle Hayes. He said this was the man he had observed earlier kicking another man on the ground with a pt3

high level of force, who was shouting at him to stop. He was accompanied on duty that night by Garda Danial O’Riordan who also identified Kyle Hayes as the man he saw drawing back and kicking a man who was on the ground in the head and upper body, at least twice. P4

He said he identified him in particular because of his size, and because of the force of the kicks he was using. He said he had absolutely no doubt at all that this man was Kyle Hayes, the accused man. End …..


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