KSI’s open workout routine got fans talking

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The YouTuber is back in the ring this Saturday where he takes on Joe Fournier.

Fournier is 9-0 as a pro fighter, knocking all nine opponents out. He once went the distance with former heavyweight world champion David Haye in an exhibition bout, although it should be noted they have been very pally down the years.

But ahead of the fight, KSI’s workout routine got a lot of reaction online

Watch below:


Many drew the comparisons to boxing legend, Mike Tyson who used a similar method.

One commented, ‘You’re not Mike Tyson my boy.’

Another added, ‘Bro thinks he’s Tyson.’

A third added, ‘The video of Tyson doing this resurfaced a few days ago, now this fella is doing it. Coincidence? Unlikely.’


Whilst others stated it is actually a wrestling warm-up.


KSI vs Fournier, who wins? Let us know in the comments.


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