KSI to snub Joe Fournier rematch, eyes up Tommy Fury

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KSI has ruled out a rematch with Joe Fournier.

The YouTuber knocked out Fournier in controversial circumstances and the result is under investigation.

It could be ruled a no-contest or even see KSI disqualified.

Speaking to the MMA Hour he ruled out any possibility of a rematch taking place and on the ruling of the bout.

He said,

“If it’s a no-contest, fine.

“I’ll be pi***d if it’s a disqualification, because I didn’t intentionally try to hit him with my forearm or my elbow or whatever.

On the rematch he responded,

“I was beating him and it was easy. It way easier than I thought it would be. And I’m just like, what’s the point? Why?

“And if anything, most people are like, ‘What’s the point?’ The public are like, ‘We don’t care. You beat him anyway, so fight Tommy Fury.’

“People want to see me get tested. People are sick and tired of me just deleting people.

“They’re like, ‘Alright, cool. Let’s see how you do against Tommy Fury. If you delete him, then fine, you’re the GOAT, and then we’ll never say a bad word again.’

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