KSI reveals the INSANE amount of money he’s lost trading cryptocurrencies in just 12 months

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YouTuber KSI has revealed that he has lost $5m in crypto trading over the past year.

KSI is one of the UK’s most recognisable social media stars but has also delved into the worlds of boxing and music.

The Watford-born YouTuber has enjoyed enormous success in both, beating Logan Paul via a split decision on his professional debut and seeing his second studio album debut at number one in the UK charts.

However, KSI cannot be good at everything, nobody can, and unfortunately for him, his weakness is a costly one.

The Sidemen member has made no secret of his interest in trading cryptocurrencies. In fact, he created a whole new Twitter account to update his followers on his recent crypto-related ventures.

However, his most recent update wasn’t a particularly positive one, with KSI revealing that he has lost over $5m by trading crypto over a 12 month period…

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KSI is absolutely minted, there’s no doubt about that, but he won’t be for much longer if he is irresponsibly gambling his money away on fictional internet coins.

He ought to hire himself an accountant before he ends up just another washed-up ‘celebrity’ who’s appearing on I’m A Celeb in search of a quick payday.

It’s fitting that KSI has recently gone into business with former foe Logan Paul by producing a new brand of vitamin water named ‘PRIME’.

Paul recently revealed that he had fallen victim of the biggest Pokemon related fraud of all time after purchasing several fake boxes of first edition cards.

They’re a match made in heaven.

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