KSI names top five influencer boxers, fans all say the same thing

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KSI appeared on the The MMA hour show and was asked to name the top five influencer boxers.

KSI gave an interview with Ariel Helwani, following his controversial KO of Joe Fournier at the weekend.

He was asked to pick the top five influencer boxers and placed Tommy Fury as his number one choice.

Here’s his full top five:

1. Tommy Fury

2. KSI

3. Jake Paul

4. Anthony Taylor

5. Deji

Fans were quick to notice Tommy Fury was placed at number one and responded on social media.

One said, β€˜Tommy Fury is now a full time influencer boxer.’

Another added, β€˜The disrespect calling Tommy a crossover boxer.’

A third added, β€˜Tommy not a real boxer anymore.’

A fourth commented, β€˜Lol Tommy Fury an influencer boxer, downgraded.’

Fury boasts a pro record of (9-0) including the split decision over Jake Paul in February.

A fight with KSI looms in the near future.


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