KSI’s manager offers ‘guarantee’ that super-fight will take place in 2023

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KSI’s manager has confirmed that, all being well, the British YouTube star WILL be fighting Jake Paul in 2023.

It appeared as though KSI and Jake Paul were on a collision course following the ‘Sidemen’ star’s victory over Logan Paul back in 2019.

However, as KSI focused on building a career in music, Paul took several strides ahead of him in the world of professional boxing.

KSI would have been setting himself up for failure jumping straight back in the ring and facing Paul. He has made no secret of his desire for warm-up fights.

KSI fails to outperform Jake Paul in boxing return as pay-per-view buys  confirmed - Mirror Online
KSI (pictured) WILL fight Jake Paul in 2023, his manager has confirmed

Still, the intention absolutely IS to fight Paul, and according to KSI’s manager, as quoted by The Sun, that fight is likely to take place in 2023.

“As long as there’s no f***ery on the contracts, 2023 that fight will happen. Guaranteed as much as you can guarantee. I can guarantee from our side, yes.”

There has been some suggestion that fight could take place at Wembley Stadium. It’d be a landmark evening for the social media community.