😬 KSI absolutely goes in on Tommy Fury, it’s got personal

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KSI has launched a scathing attack on Tommy Fury.

KSI and Fury ‘battled it out’ in October with the brother of Tyson Fury taking the victory.

But KSI was adamant he should have won and launched an appeal, which this week was unsuccessful.

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Speaking on his YouTube channel the Prime co-founder went in on Fury.

“He claims to be world level, but he’s trying to fight 54-year-old Roy Jones Jr. It’s honestly so shameful. The fact that Tommy Fury was unable to knock out a YouTuber who has been boxing for three years is actually hilarious… I don’t care if three random people thought you won, the world knows that you ain’t s***. This nerdy FIFA player managed to hang with you”, he said.

He then went on to bring up Tommy Fury’s family life with Molly-Mae.

You can watch the video below: 


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  1. Sure he goes in on him, he has to try and drum up interest in the fight somehow, the people who pay to watch this crap are fools

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