(Video) Miserable Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp RUDE to reporter for literally no reason

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has, once again, been miserable in the press room.

Klopp was a media darling when he first took over with the Reds. His infectious energy lit up press conferences and made him a journalist’s dream. That couldn’t be further from how things stand today.

The German has quickly turned into one of the most miserable and argumentative managers when it comes to facing the media on a weekly basis. We’ve had yet another case of Klopp clashing with a journalist over nothing.

The reporter tried to quiz Klopp on whether he was concerned by how quickly the tide can turn in football, citing Liverpool’s injury crisis of last season. The Liverpool boss gave a very cold response.

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Klopp was rude in not allowing the reporter to ask his question without interrupting him on multiple occasions. It was hardly an outrageous question, either, with there being no need to react in this manner.

Something has clearly got Klopp down at the moment because we are seeing instances of him reacting in this manner in the press room every week. Practice kindness, Jurgen, the world could do with a little more of it…

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