🚨There’s been another major update in the Kilmacud Crokes vs Glen game – The GAA have really cocked this up!

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It’s been over two weeks now since Kilmacud Crokes took on Glen in the All-Ireland club final, it was a cracking game of football, but for the last play of the game when the rules were breached. OurGame.ie are now reporting that the GAA will meet with both clubs this evening and try and workout and outcome.

Should there be a replay for this? Surely, it’s a must? If this happened in any sport, could you imagine this in the World Cup final last month? There would have been war!!

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Interesting to see how the GAA will play this now.. You’d love to be a fly in that room.. Whatever the decision the whole country will be watching..

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  1. Probably hand a find and offer glen a holiday in dubai. They will not do the ovious and replay the game their rules were broken and it is up togaa to rule on issue

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