Legendary Manager Recalls a Time When Brian Cody Was Very Dismissive of a Young Henry Shefflin

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The former legendary Clare manager Ger Loughnane was writing in his piece for the Irish Daily Star this week and recalled a time when Brian Cody was very extremely cold with a young Henry Shefflin after winning an All-Ireland.

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“I went to the Clare function for a while that night and then headed back to the Burlington Hotel, where I was staying. That turned out to be where Kilkenny were having their victory banquet,” Loughnane wrote.

“I said to myself, ‘Sure, I’ll have a word with Cody’. We were chatting away and Henry Shefflin came into our company. Henry was just a young lad at the time. He’d won the man of the match award and was clearly chuffed.

“But Cody just turned to him and said, ‘You hit that shot the only place [Davy] Fitzgerald could save it, never let me see you do that again’. Henry’s face just dropped. I stuck around for another minute or two and then headed up to my room.

“I couldn’t make sense of it, how cold Cody was to a player who had performed heroics for him that day. That coldness and ruthlessness was very much part of his make-up.

“A lot of players will feel they owe him a huge debt, but I don’t think many – if any – would regard him as a friend.”

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