Former Kilkenny Legend Rips into Cork Hurling

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The nine time All-Ireland winner Jackie Tyrrell was talking on the RTÉ GAA podcast and didn’t hold back in his criticism of the Cork hurlers when looking back at the hammering they received on Sunday against the treaty county.

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“They did seem to be building some blocks [in the league], but my God, those blocks came tumbling down on Sunday,”

“The Limerick green monster just drove straight through them.

“For Cork players, management and supporters, how do they pick up the pieces from that because the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again.

“Taking the All-Ireland last year, and what they did, and didn’t do. They were so naive at the back. They were left so exposed in the All-Ireland final last year.

“They came back, had a really competitive league, did a lot of good things, and seemed to be getting things back on the road – Daire h O’Leary at 3. Their defence seemed to be a bit more aggressive. I know it was the league and it wasn’t Limerick’s strongest team but physically they took them on [in the Gaelic Grounds], they really went at them. They were aggressive, hunted in packs, and you said things are looking good.

“Then you go to the league final and you see them defensively falling apart completely. You look at Tim O’Mahony and Mark Coleman, the questions that were raised about them.

“What did they do in two weeks? Personnel wise, they didn’t do a whole lot. Daire O’Leary obviously went out – whether he was injured or dropped, we don’t know – Damien Cahalane came in.

“I think of Cork and I think of the great people who’ve got the freedom of Cork city – Sonia O’Sullivan and Roy Keane. What did Gearóid Hegarty do to get the freedom of Páirc Uí Chaoimh? He just strolled around, Tim O’Mahony didn’t lay a hand on him.

“I would argue the two best defensive players for Cork, that showed a bit of fight, were Shane Barrett at 11 and Ger Mellerick at 9. Tim O’Mahony isn’t a defender, Mark Coleman is a wing back.”

“Fair enough if you get beat by Limerick but have a go. Take a few yellow cards, get in their face. Don’t let Cian Lynch put the ball over on his knees with half a broken hurl!

“I don’t know where Cork go from here now. And that’s just from a defensive point of view, the lack of movement in the forwards is another ball game completely.

“This Cork team is better. But I just wonder what the culture is there from a defensive point of view. It looks like they don’t really know how to play as a system, with six backs and two midfielders dropping back to help. Their half-forward line don’t come back to help. They’re disjointed. And really, it was a shambolic Cork performance at the weekend.”

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