🚨Details emerge as Kildare manager Glenn Ryan involved in a heated argument with journalist 😬

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The Kildare manager Glenn Ryan was involved in a heated exchange with a journalist from the Leinster Leader after the Lilly-whites match against Armagh on Sunday. 

Some of the conversation was the following, quoted by the Irish Examiner 

LL: “What part of comments were not properly reported?”

Ryan: “Oh well, I was only told that because I wouldn’t bother reading them. But I was told, by people who were at the meeting, that the report didn’t reflect the nature of the meeting really.” 

LL: “Do you want to listen to the tape?” 

Ryan: “No, I have no interest in listening to the tape.” 

LL: “I was the one who reported it. And if you want to hear the tape I can send it to you.” 

Ryan: “I don’t want to listen to it.” 

LL: “You can’t say that it wasn’t properly reported.” 

Ryan: “I can give an opinion from what somebody else told me that was at it.” 

LL: “So it’s not your opinion, it’s somebody else’s opinion.” 

Ryan: “It’s my opinion based on somebody who was at the meeting. I know you a long time, you can stand here in front of all of these and profess what you want to profess – it’s probably not the time …” 

LL: “I agree with you.” 

Ryan: “It’s probably not the time for you, who I would know for a long time, to be trying to put that out here in front of these. If you have an issue with me saying that, sure you have my number, you ring it loads of times, there’s no problem.” 

LL: “I haven’t got an issue. You have the issue.” 

Ryan: “I’m only answering the question.” 

LL: “You’re answering a question on hearsay.” 

Ryan: “I’m only answering a question.” 

LL: “If you say it wasn’t properly reported, and I reported it, that’s coming back to me.” 

Ryan: “I was told it wasn’t properly reported.” 

LL: “I can send you the tape.” 

Ryan: “I know you a long time and it’s a pity, when we’re at our lowest, you don’t get the support of people that you know a long time. And that’s disappointing.” 

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