Kieran McGeeney & the BBC Clash in Heated Press Conference

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We were treated to a cracking game of football between two great sides Armagh and Galway, but one of the most disappointing moments in the game was the brawl at full-time as the players were heading down the tunnel and particularly the eye gouge to Damian Comer.

The Armagh manager Kieran McGeeney stood up for his team by responding back to the BBC journalist

“What happens if somebody pushes you?” he asked.  “Do you push back? What would you do? What would you do? I’m asking, it is a very simple question.” 

“If somebody pushed you, would you push them back? It is a yes or a no.”

See the full video below;

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This was nothing short of a disgrace and not a good look for the GAA>

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  1. The mass love in where they were all huggingbis being blown outta proportion. There wasn’t a black eye on either team. The eye gouging is out of tune and should be dealt with separately. But it was a hell of a game, and both teams should be congratulated on giving us the best game of football in years.

  2. Armagh are an angry team and listening to McGeeney it’s what he instills into then ! Simple answer no if sumone pushed me I wouldn’t stoop to their levels .That’s childish behaviour and he’d always been a bit of a sour craythur

  3. The media as usual has put all the focus on the after match incident instead of talking more about one of the greatest games of football we have seen for quite a while, there is no one dead or injured and let the GAA sort it out, why not talk about all the positives of this great match and atmosphere the huge Armagh following brought to Croke Park, I’m a neutral Cork supporter and was so delighted to be there and wittiness such a great match

  4. What young Kelly did was dead wrong, he needs to be punished accordingly and then. After his suspension is served he needs to be welcomed back into the fold, rarely have I seen such vitriol aimed at a young footballer, some of it is appalling and cowardly and should be investigated, a brilliant match was lessened by both sets of players and an example needs to be made of ALL players who get involved in gouging and or punching, in all games, nationwide, not just this game.

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