Amir Khan and Kell Brook urged to BOTH retire after tomorrow’s fight

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Boxing legend Johnny Nelson has urged Amir Khan and Kell Brook to retire after their grudge match on Saturday.

Khan and Brook will FINALLY be settling their bitter feud in the boxing ring on Saturday evening. It’s a fight that British boxing fans, and the fighters alike, have been waiting to see for many years.

While we would have hoped that it would materialise with the fighters still in their respective primes, it was looking as though it’d never happen at all, so we have to consider this a major win.

It also raises the stakes for both fighters, with the loser surely having no future at the very top of the sport.

Boxing legend Johnny Nelson doesn’t only believe that the loser could be done after Saturday night. He has urged both fighters to hang up their gloves as soon as the final bell rings – if it does – tomorrow.

He’s quoted by The Sun saying: “They’ll become gatekeepers if they don’t retire after this fight.”

“They’ll become the guys that are former world champions that have still got it. But can they produce it on the night when it’s expected of them?”

Amir Khan (left) and Kell Brook (right) should BOTH retire, according to Johnny Nelson

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“They’ll be the stepping stones for the youngsters coming through. Common sense tells me that the winner and loser will say, ‘You know what? I’ve had a great time, I’m done.'”

“It’ll be a hard slog for the loser and they might say, ‘that’s not the end of me’ depending on the fashion of the loss.”

“But I hope, unless they’re fighting each other again, I hope that the winner and the loser say, ‘I’ve had a great time. Britain, thank you.'”

You can certainly understand Nelson’s point of view. Khan and Brook’s accomplishments can never be undone, but too many defeats will undoubtedly taint their legacies.

This fight does seem as though the perfect way for both fighters to call time on what have been remarkable boxing careers, regardless of whether they are the winner or not.

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