(Video) Amir Khan and Kell Brook separated by security as tempers flare at weigh-in

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Amir Khan and Kell Brook had to be separated by security at their face-to-face after tensions threatened to boil over.

At the best of times, the face-to-face at weigh-ins ahead of boxing matches can be feisty – but this tussle between Amir Khan and Kell Brook has added needle.

The two fighters absolutely detest each other, with tomorrow’s battle settling a long-running feud that has spanned from their youth, into the prime of their careers and all the way through to the swansong.

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It’s no surprise that, with the two fighters going face-to-face for the fans and the cameras, tempers flared and the security had to get involved to ensure the bust-up didn’t happen ahead of time…

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