🚨Key reason as to why Kerry & Tyrone had a full on scrap on the sideline .. 😬

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Kerry took on old rivals Tyrone yesterday at Fitzgerald Stadium in Killarney and at one stage there was a bit of a shamozzle on the sideline. The sideline offical is coming under the scope for not making the right call, see the video and comments below ..

Took two grabs at it to hold on to it. Second one was when the ball had gone out

Definitely not a mark: “In order to be awarded a “Mark”, the ball must not have been touched in flight by another player.”

Tell me how Clifford stays on the pitch here after having kilpatrick by the throat followed by a forearm into Conall Devlins face ?

We were told 2 years ago that contributing to a melee was a red. The fella who started this didn’t even get a yellow. He got one later on (eventually) and was subsequently lucky not to get another one. Must be a directive amongst refs not to be sending that individual off.

P1ss poor weak refereeing. More of that “Ah shur” attitude you still see far too often from officials in the game. And how did D Clifford get away without at least a yellow? I think he also tried to interfere with the Tyrone player’s face too.
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  1. One rule for golden Yerra DC , and another for everyone else . This has got to stop and officials need to have the courage and honesty to penalise thuggish behaviour without fear or favour – it’s not good enough .

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