Kerry planned rugby-style line-out lift in attempt to stop potential match-winning Dublin free

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Photo by Brendan Moran/Sportsfile

Both Dublin and Kerry will have left Croke Park with plenty of what-ifs rattling around their heads yesterday.

What if Kerry had taken advantage of their extra man or slotted one more of those goal chances?

And what if Dublin’s Dean Rock, as he has so often done before, converted that tricky last-gasp free?

We’ve since learned, however, that even if Rock’s kick had been on target, Kerry had a plan to attempt to block it going over the bar.

Whether pre-planned or conceived off the cuff, Tommy Walsh positioned himself behind David Moran with his hands on Moran’s hips, ready to lift his fellow high-fielder, akin to a rugby lift for a line-out.

A video of the game’s closing moments also showed the duo talking to the umpire before they prepared to attempt the ploy.

As it was, Rock’s kick trailed left and wide and we’ll never know whether Moran and Walsh could’ve stopped a potential game-winner.

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