🚨Irish politician Jackie Healy-Rae goes to war with Conor McGregor 😬

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Kerry councillor Jackie Healy-Rae has called out Conor ‘The Notorious’ McGregor big time on twitter this week and basically said he doesn’t have a hope of becoming the President of Ireland for simple reason. See it below and some of the comments to go with it.

I know that rule has always been in existance but why should Politicians get a veto on who can run for President

Oh, I always thought it just took a few brown envelopes or favours. Silly me.

Are you worried that somebody else in Irish politics might have a history of beating the shit out of someone?

Any chance you could call on Leo to resign and bring a bit of normality back to our Country

Money seems to do wonders for careers in politics. When you think about it, Trump didn’t have any relativity speaking, but he’s still got a cult following landed himself a spot in the oval office. He thinks he’s running against Obama in 2024, and he’ll quite possibly win again

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