🚨Roscommon player signalled out for ‘cowardly’ act as one of the Kerry players was on the ground .. 😬

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Kerry had a massive win against Roscommon at Dr. Hyde Park on Sunday, at one stage, there was not a nice incident shall we say, picked up on the camera.

See it below and the comments underneath ..

Nasty. Wouldn’t it make sense to be able to review this kinda thing afterwards and hand out punishments if necessarily so?? Punishments without interventions of CCCCCC and legal teams??

As a Rossie im all for tough players but that is thuggery pure and simple. Should not wear the jersey again.

It’s assault and really shouldn’t be just for the GAA to decide if there is a case to answer

That was deliberately done could have easily planted his foot on the turf to avoid, if he didn’t mean it would have held his hand up to apologise

that looks like jason foley who later in the game had to go off with what looked a serious ankle injury. the damage could have been done from this incident.


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  1. I blame the referee many unsavoury incidents had occured prior to that vicious incident on Jason and I believe Heneghan was involved. Roscommon should at least have got a black card and definitely a red card for ahead whole body charge and the referee gave a free against Kerry in that assault. Absolutely disgraceful refereeing.

  2. I don’t remember you as a rossi scoring a goal in an national league division 1 game.
    Had you done so especially after being a year out injured the last thing on your mind would be to try and cause an injury to an opponent
    Just focus on where Henaghan is looking when his foot lands on Foleys leg

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