Chelsea star N’Golo Kante spotted in budget supermarket ASDA days after being crowned UEFA Midfielder of the Year

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One lucky football fan stumbled upon Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante in an Asda supermarket.

It’s the last place that you’d expect to find a footballer who earns several hundreds of thousands of pounds on a weekly basis, but Kane is a footballer like no other.

The Frenchman is renowned for his humble likability, with the vibe you get from him on the field of play looking like it also applies off of it.

Twitter user Sarfraz Ahmed revealed on Wednesday that he’d crossed paths with Kante in Asda, with the Chelsea star stopping for a conversation and a picture.

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What isn’t there to like about N’Golo Kante? If he has any character flaws, we’re yet to discover them.

UEFA Midfielder of the Year, a reigning world and European champion and a shopper in a budget supermarket, despite being a multi-millionaire.

Kante could hire someone to shop for him, which would save him time and lesser the need for him to go out into public.

He’d rather do it himself, and in ASDA of all places. What a bloke.

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