Jurgen Klopp says there are reasons why Liverpool have dropped off this season but ‘nobody wants to hear it’

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Jurgen Klopp says there must be reasons why Liverpool has dropped off so rapidly this season but believes people ‘don’t want to hear it.’

Liverpool is currently tenth in the Premier League table amidst their worst season in recent memory. They are 11 points off the Champions League places and an incredible 21 points off league leaders Arsenal.

There have been serious questions asked about the players and now a minority of fans are even questioning the manager’s future at the club.

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In his Friday press conference, Klopp revealed that there are reasons why his side has dropped off but doesn’t want to reveal them because they ‘sound like excuses.’

‘People don’t want to hear these kinds of things because it sounds like excuses but there must be reasons for a few things we did this season.

‘We don’t turn into bad people overnight; it is not that we lost a football brain or don’t know the game anymore.

‘Other players from other clubs have had similar problems – they cannot play the season they played last year.

‘We try to manage things as much as we can, like with workload. We can’t do it (properly) now. In the past, we could because pretty much everyone who was available had to play.

‘We had changes up front and we want to have a more settled midfield. This week they all look incredibly fresh – that is the truth.

‘The training sessions were really good, super intense. And then Hendo… 91 games. So the 92nd could be really good.’


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