🚨Jurgen Klopp labeled a disgrace with his post match interview .. 😬

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The Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp wasn’t one bit happy with some of the questions that were fired at him in his post match interview. His Liverpool team got knocked out of the FA Cup at the hands of Erik ten Hag and his Manchester United team.

Always see his real side when things don’t go his way. Biggest bell end in premier league history.
Moaned about not enough subs, pushed for 5, got that through….. moaned about too many games over December and needed a winter break….. this is the back log of him crying
Terrible loser! Bitter and unsporting at every defeat he has. I used to think Ferguson was bad back in the day, but this bloke is far, far worse
He’s spent weeks downplaying the importance of a quadruple. Me think he might have been telling fibs?!
Such an unlikable character, can’t wait for him to leave the league. Worst thing is he always gets away with it, but when another manager does something, the media goes berserk
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