Jurgen Klopp Doesn’t Want to let his Players Leave for the International Break

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The Liverpool boss was talking ahead of Liverpool’s massive match at home to Chelsea on Thursday evening. Chelsea are also chasing one of those Champions League places and tomorrow evening promises to be a cracker.

“I have different things I could say but we are concerned, yes. About all the things,” Klopp told the Liverpool Echo. “All the things that happened in the last few months.

“Whenever someone had to leave the bubble. In the bubble we have had cases but we are without cases for a long time, but it never spread. There was self-isolation.”

Klopp continued: “England is doing well at the moment but we are on the red list for some other countries. It is not easy for us to travel from England.

“Having more information would be great. We don’t get that information. Fifa was kind of clear.

“We don’t have to let the players go this time and all the clubs agree we cannot let the players just go and sort the situation when they come back with a 10-day quarantine in a hotel.

“I understand the need of the different FAs but this is a time where you can’t make everyone happy and we have to admit the players are paid by the clubs.

“That means we have to be first priority. That’s how it is. That means, with the competitions coming up in the summer, you cannot make everyone happy at the same time in this period of our lives.

“And this is why we are not 100 per cent sure because it is not clear because some countries might change the venues where they play.

“The whole situation is similar to the Champions League. We always have to wait until the last second pretty much because people need time to make decisions.

“We don’t think too much about it because we are not influential in it. We just deal with the things other people decided and have got kind of used to it.

“But everyone agrees we cannot just let the players go, play for their countries then come back and having to quarantine for 10 days in a hotel. That is not how we can do it.”

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