🚨Jordie Barrett coming under heavy fire for what he did in the medals presentation

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What a cracking two months of rugby we had in France with full stadiums and some entertaining rugby to go with it. We had the final on Saturday night between two giants of the game in New Zealand and South Africa.

As the medal were being handed out, users spotted something interesting from Jordie Barrett, or is this a much over nothing. See some of the comments below..

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It’s one thing if the refusal to shake his hand was race motivated but another because he didn’t want to shake hands with a corrupt politician who has fleeced the South African public to line his own pockets and supports Putin, if the latter, then I say “good on ya”

Its just a rugby player refusing to shake his hand. Can’t say I don’t blame him. Don’t make everything about colour man

The All Blacks took the loss very badly. But I would not have shaken his hand for personal reasons as well. #Springboks



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  1. Don’t blame him one bit, he has overseen the Thieving on a massive Scale in SA! He should Not have been there in the first place! Corrupt thief who has deprived millions of basic human rights, education,schooling,health care amongst others! Sewage flowing unchecked through people’s houses & straight into our Rivers! He has a Lot to answer for! Pinocchio is one of his nick names!

    1. That’s big talk, They invaded his country, changed it’s name to South Africa, stole it’s resources, oppressed it’s Native People & now they want to be called the Rainbow Nation, what a Hippocratical load of BOLLOCKS 🥹

      1. You should know your history before commenting. Prior to the white man settling in Cape Town, the indigenous Africans had not moved south to live that far. The closest were the Zulu who lived hundreds of miles north up near to Natal. Then there were the Bantu up near there as well. So, No they did not invade his country as he and his tribe never lived there. They do now and the Zulu are the largest ethnic group living in South Africa.

          1. Yes you are correct. The Zulu race also used to kill off smaller tribes and use some for slaves. The chiefs also then sold their own people as slaves. Sad, but true.

          2. Pete, Bantu was a term used or coined by the white settlers to refer to indigenous people of Africa. Please note that the Bantu language speaking communities in South Africa are loosely divided into four major groups: Nguni( Zulus,Xhosas falls under this group), Sotho-Tswana, Vhavenda, and Shangana-Tsonga, with the Nguni and ba-Sotho-Tswana being the biggest groups. Therefore, I`m not sure which Bantus you are referring to.

          3. Ramaphosa is not Zulu, and Zulus & Xhosas are also “Bantu”! Perhaps you are thinking if the San people (aka Bushmen)?

          1. Yes the san people were here firs. Go way back in history when Van Riebeeck come to capetown the san people were there already making them food ext. Get the facts right, before comments.

        1. You don’t know what you are talking about unfortunately, you are talking absolute nonsense but saying Cape Town had no indigenous African before the colonisers came. I am even shocked that you believe they just came and found beautiful empty land and settled 😂. On top of that our history books are full of lies that were written to suit YOUR narrative.

          1. Just speek of the now, His Government is stealing from all South Africans. To say it is because of history is to make it into race politics. Fact is the ANC politicians are the only people in the last 30 years that has taken from the South Africans and the Damage they have done to their people will last longer than any.

          2. So you say history is lies because the facts don’t line up with what you want to believe?? F**off. History is correct, your new slave leaders with the same skin colour (the same skin colour that sold you ad slaves on the first place) don’t want you to leave them. They have been selling your soul since you lived in mud huts. They still are. Wake up poephol

          3. If you have a problem with the settlers,

            Then dont use
            Electricity, cellphones, cars, roads, brick homes.

            Build yourself a house of clay and sticks, and live out your fairytale life alone.

          4. Whatever ,you can’t deny that any country left to the native blacks to run soon turns into a corrupt shithole before very long. They just can’t seem to help themselves.(or rather they do)

          1. There is hard concrete evidence of Tswana people living in the hills of present day Johannesburg in the 12th century.

        2. U would not know ur history over us, also use the right words.
          When u say “settling”… u being ignorant, untruthful and stupid. Settling paints a peaceful, non violent picture of the arrival of White ppl in South Africa. I dnt blame you though, coz history told bh white ppl always has some distortion to it, to Musk the brutality, violence that really happend…

          Educate urselves and know the real history… 1652 was not the first time u colonizers came to the Cape of Good Hope…and it was never peaceful…

          1. Always stay away from people who wrote history because of their justification for hatred Presisdent Ramaphosa deserves an Apology.

        3. You are the one who does not know your history dude. Go read van Riebeecks diary. Land was occupied by the indigenous people not barren.

        4. Yes, I understand that about the Zulu, but we were here. We were always here. Always have been. Always will be. Most resilient of all people living in the most southern part of Africa. Coloured, Khoi, Khoisan, Indigenous.
          He in person was one of the cadres back then who helped us overcome the White inhumane brutal sadistic vicious regime against humanity called Apartheid. There can never be anything worse. They plundered my country. And he is my President

        5. Some 22,000 years ago, they were the largest group of humans on earth: the Khoisan, a tribe of hunter-gatherers in southern Africa.

          1. Do not use the word ” plundered” without looking back at the last 30 years. Apartheid was bad, no one is arguing that point, but we did not hand over a country in the plundered condition it is in today. Stop throwing stones while hiding behind a glass wall.

        6. Some 22,000 years ago, the Khoisan were the largest group of humans on earth, a tribe of hunter-gatherers in Southern Africa long before any colonial inhabitants from Britain or any Dutch settlers.

          1. Why is this a race thing now… we stood as one nation with the World Cup, please let us continue doing so in our everyday lives.

        7. That’s a white lie….just a way to justify colonization …..Biased History…..The San have coexisted with fellow Africans …..And the complexion differs according to geographical locations …..The Dinkas of South Sudan are so dark but are as African as the Xhosa of South Africa or Sotho…..

        8. You sucking this outa ur thumb? The bantu arent even native to SA idiot. The Khoi and San who were nomads lived along the SA coastline for thousands of years. So i can come live in your front yard because your house isnt built there? Dont be silly man

          1. Colonisation happened all over the world by different nations, so why is it so different for South Africa?
            Anyone who claims to know about the population of SA in 1652 please show your evidence or don’t write anything.
            What happened happened, get over it.

          2. How pathetic you all are…from a rugby game it turns into a political debate…you are all so childish ..grow up

        9. The first people in the south point of Africa was the Khoi and San people. When Jan van Riebeeck looked up from putting down anchor it was the indigenous Khoisan people he found there

        10. spot on. there are misconceptions about South Africa which lead many to a false narrative about this country . Apartheid is something the politicians still use to justify the corruption but if Ramaphosa was purposefully snubbed by the AB players its a reflection on their lack of respect for the office of the President and we should ask for an explanation .

          1. Get your head out of your arse and open your eyes before spewing sewerage. Go back to school and learn to read between the lines….

          2. You want an explanation?????
            There is no place for anyone president or not….to put his thieving corrupt Cadre Comrades before the people of ones country. Politicians are not God

          3. The apartheid government handed over a bankrupt state to the ANC. There was no money left. The apartheid government even stole private money (e.g. Surtee family trust fund looted through Barclays and Absa) in order to run their government. Know your facts before spewing “white” news and narrative.

          4. Respectfully I would decline a handshake if it’s done out of RESPECT for the office of the president. He doesn’t have any of my respect. None whatsoever. This is not a race thing either as some would like to play it AGAIN… If it was, then they would not play with a different race on the field. I am nauseated that freaken everything is race race race race. 😠 This hatred must end and we all need to grow up.

        11. Looks like you need a historical reckoning. Please provide a credible reference before spouting out such nonsense.

          1. Just one of the idiots during sports events leave all politics at home that’s a president of the nation moron

        12. Peter Connolly you talking crap, when the white man came, the 1st people they met where the San in the western cape and Xhosa people in the eastern cape, wars where fought, how do you discover a place where people have already settled on

        13. What?
          Please don’t make a racist history to justify their existence as gospel.

          You should learn why that history was taught as accept that it was history according to the time and date to suit the narrative.

          Don’t come and talk nonsensical things on a public platform and think you are Mr “know it all”!

          STOP IT NOW!

        14. Timeline of South Africa

          4th Century – Migrants from the north settle, joining the indigenous San and Khoikhoi people.

          1480s – Portuguese navigator Bartholomeu Dias is the first European to travel round the southern tip of Africa.

          1497 – Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama lands on Natal coast.

          1899 – British troops gather on the Transvaal border and ignore an ultimatum to disperse. The second Anglo-Boer War begins.

          1902 – Treaty of Vereeniging ends the second Anglo-Boer War. The Transvaal and Orange Free State are made self-governing colonies of the British Empire.

          1910 – Formation of Union of South Africa by former British colonies of the Cape and Natal, and the Boer republics of Transvaal, and Orange Free State.

          1912 – Native National Congress founded, later renamed the African National Congress (ANC).

          1913 – Land Act introduced to prevent blacks, except those living in Cape Province, from buying land outside reserves.

          1914 – National Party founded.

          1918 – Secret Broederbond (brotherhood) established to advance the Afrikaner cause.

          1919 – South West Africa (Namibia) comes under South African administration.

          1934 – The Union of South Africa parliament enacts the Status of the Union Act, which declares the country to be “a sovereign independent state”. The move followed on from Britain’s passing of the Statute of Westminster in 1931, which removed the last vestiges of British legal authority over South Africa.

          To know more… https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-14094918.amp

          Can we all just get over the race card and move on and get rid of the criminals ruling our country via our government so we can grow stronger together!!!

        15. Ther were Africans there already. But that’s not the case. The case is how do we live together without hatred? Unless there’s a God of hatred. We should all be with him

          1. I am so with you there Ntokozo. I subscribe to the believe that we were all made in God’s image and are therefore all related. There should be no hatred in the world (not just South Africa). Before retiring, I worked with (and for) black, white and Asian people. I can boast I have many friends of all ethnicities – there is but one goal . . . Make SA the greatest TOGETHER.

        16. May I also ask you to Google Piet Retief, a leader of the voortrekkers (pioneers) he brokered a deal with Dingaan, Dingaan later reneged on the deal and murdered them at a celebration, this later lead to the Battle of Blood River. The treaty is still there. A large part of KZN was given to Piet Retief and his party.

        17. 💯
          This is a fact. But try explaining it to Malema and his ilk.
          Well they’ve thrown the country into the trash bin already.

        18. Because my house isn’t built on every square meter of my farm, that doesn’t mean it’s not my farm. Because I only sleep in my bedroom that doesn’t mean you can come squat in my living room. Don’t stupid man

        19. You talk a lot, no clue what the hell you talking about, you are the hypocrite whitey in NZ…….. did you take their country A-hole?

          1. Dont worry too much my friend about South Africa’s problems. Just look at what’s happening elsewhere in the World; now on the Gaza Strip, and then to Europe (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine) , add to that cocktail the events with Trump in the USA , all leading to a trend of the fall of of democracy World-wide and a rise of dictatorship. And don’t even think about ecology!

      2. What are you on about, you know the blacks in south africa are even more so racially motivated, kill, steal, rape people over there right? They are all guilty but this guy here is in question, he’s a piece of crap. He’s basically south africa’s answer to hitler. If south africa was a country cared about in the world, usa might have had invaded.

        1. Really now, you’re hiding anonymously behind a veil in a country where free speech is a constitutional right.
          If you can spew your racist vitriol about “the blacks” and seem to believe all those things you’re saying….what do you teach your children,I wonder?
          Who cleaned your house, cause you obviously didnt grow up in a home.
          Who washed the laundry with their bare hands and ironed the clothes, in a small hot room outside.
          Who did the garden in the blazing sun, and was called a boy by the likes of you.
          Who after all the pain of apartheid put out their hand and said let’s reconcile….was it not the same blacks who are suddenly “racially motivated, kill, steal, rape people”.
          Why did/do we as African waste our time with reconciliation, how do we reconcile with ourselves when the other party still regards us to be animals.
          Check yourself, if you are South African, that attitude is racist and should have died with apartheid.
          We can’t “fix” you, you need to forgive yourself and fight your demon first, because you are a Racist living incognito in a peaceful country.
          Just imagine, we outnumber you by the millions, we cook your food in restaurants, we take care of your precious children, pour that beer you love so much; if Africans seriously wanted to kill off white people it would be the easiest thing to do…no weapons no blood.
          But we are not those people you refer to that are “racially motivated, kill, steal, rape people”.
          As for “they are all guilty”, yet you deny apartheid was a war crime in which you took part.

          1. I like this response. The killing, raping, and many other cruel actions conducted by the same then powerful race, is now shifted by the angry, racists who are still stuck in that gone apartheid Era. Today we have many brilliant Whites who accept the wrongs done by their forefathers, and they have forgiven themselves and live with us in great harmony. They understand that there is absolutely nothing that makes them superior to us except the advantage of inheritance from their generations which our forefathers were disadvantaged to have.

      3. Do not say anything before you have walked a few miles in someone else’s moccasins! If you are not from South Africa, please keep quiet. In saying all these things, it just shows how little you know about the real facts!

        1. The idea that only South Africans can comment is ludicrous. Some times it takes perspective from outside to see what is going on. Like many of my generation we marched for the end of apartheid, we supported organisations that helped the public and not the government, we bought shares in companies and South African Banks so we could express our disgust. There will be people that know more about SA politics and history and there will be many that know less than I do but everyone is entitled to comment.

      4. Go get a real history book you Toss.
        South Africa was never invaded.
        Apart from the Coisan Africa was the frontier of no mans land.

        The Africans who decedent from far North originating from Egypt where found a long the Mozambican boarder when 1st encountered.
        And yes they did invade , killed and raped savagely other tribes and enslaving them to sell to the West for cattle.

        This history is also found in the Portuguese and Chinese Maritime history as well.

        History of slavery given to you in a nutshell as well.

        1. What are you talking bout NO MAN’S LAND how on this God forsaken earth can you say that so the COISAN was living there and how did the British and Dutch came to get fresh meat ect from. YOUR WHITE MAN HISTORY WAS TOLD TO MAKE YOUR WHITES LOOK PEACEFUL let me rather stop because I’m gonna, get rude for People like you who paint your deeds of violence to heroes and peacekeepers blaming everyone else beside yourself for what is, happening in south africa

      5. Just like the Dutch and the British, the Vendas (the group Ramaphosa belongs to) also came to take a stake of what is now known as South Africa. The indigenous people such as the Khoisan were marginalized by the Dutch, British as well as tribes from the north like the Vendas.

        1. You Sir are Correct.

          My People the Kokoe, San and Khoi were Indigenous here. WE Are now known as Coloured.

          The Zulu did not exist neither were they a Force on Arrival on our Borders.

          They waged War on Fellow Africans enslaving all Young Men in Villages they traveled through and Collectively became known as the Zulu.

          The Dutch in fact were here way before migrating African Tribes from Northern Africa arrived in KZN or anywhere else in South Africa

        2. You might be very right. If Ramaphosa were a Xhosa he might perform better like Nelson did. Barrett did well to give Cyril a message.

      6. Hey, short minded google warrior. Clearly you don’t KNOW our beloved country. Get your facts right maybe then your attitude. NZ did a lot worse then your claims. We are a rainbow nation due to our cultures. Proud to me South African..

      7. Whos country?
        Many resident / invading Bantu tribes dominated the land and battle space in Southern Africa.
        The Arabs ,stationed in the Kingdom of Monumutaba ( Great Zimbabwe 1200 – 1633 AD) for 400 yrs ‘b4″ the white man even arrived , decimated the entire Southern African original early tribal region ,with a black ‘slave trade ‘that non after that even compair to( Uk and USA) .That empire was a black empire ( Shona tribes ) .
        This empire was destroyed by the ‘Foreign invading ‘Bantu tribes
        ( Nguni , Xhosa and western Mambo) , from thr DRC area .They now inhabat South Africa !
        It is obvious that you ignorance , arogance ,stupidity and not to mention your Standard 6 education have let you down !

      8. Bull shit Mark, no one invaded his country at all. The British ish empire grew until the Boers fought them and won. The Boers were more than happ to share everything with them, but “Dingaan” , the black king at the time, do what black people do.. murdered the Boers at a “peace talk”. Don’t the fuck comment on shit you know nothing about. Look at SA now.. it’s a tip.. thanks to that black bastard

      9. Sport has nothing 2 do with politics Saturday nite was about us winning the world cup and what a show of bad sportmanship from New Zealand,

        1. Your wrong Lucinda new Zealand does not support bad sportsmanship and quell all this crap JORDY did shake hands with the Afican man , check what the SA captain said he observed that Jordy did shake his hand, now if you cannot believe your own captain then you are just clutching at straws

      10. I call bs you n this one

        Only people who lived in The south of Africa at that time were tribes and they them selfs captured enemy tribe members and sold them too the white boers.

        Because “the white” man could not survive in africa at that time

      11. B@lloks, Brent Murray, your knowledge of African history is as weak as your intellect. As an Aussie, I’ll give you a quick early history lesson … the San and the Khoekhoen, lived in the south. The first European settlement in southern Africa was established by the Dutch East India Company in Table Bay (Cape Town) in 1652 and interacted with he San. From the 1770s, Dutch, German, French and English colonists, migrating north from Cape Town into what became Natal, came into contact and inevitable conflict with the Zulus, who originated in Zimbabwe region and were fleeing south from genocide. There were no other Africans settled in Southern Africa at the time.

      12. Really ,and where are u from ,let me critisize your infallible ancestors a bit ,u must be living in the perfect world

      13. Wow. Your ignorance and stupidity is beyond the pale. He wasn’t even born back then. His ancestors were not born in South Africa either. You are simply a racist.

      14. Ditto! It appears tou dont know your history. It was never “his” country to start with.
        It belonged to the Koisand ppl, Ramaposa is just as much an expat/foreigner in South Africa.
        Still doesn’t justify or excuse Barrat not shaking his hand.
        Sore loosers if you ask me!

        1. Mr O Toole, exactly my thoughts, leave the politics out of sport, I think it was blatant rude of the AB , and you can bet the Springboks would not have disrespected any other countries leaders. Poor manners shown.

      15. You don’t live here so you know nothing about this racist president. Indians , whites and coloureds are rated as second class citizens and are denied jobs in government departments and at least 60% of the workforce in the private sector must be be black.

      16. You misspelt “he has made his own people even more poor, more hungry, less educated.”

        As a future benefit, he’s wrecked the national transport and power grid, and has crippled what was once Africa’s largest economy.

        Not much of a rainbow left to steal, or that would be in his pocket too.

      17. A lot like the Brits did . Stole the diamonds , put Afrikaans women and children in concentration camps during the Anglo Boer war. Colonialism at its best !!

      18. Get your head out of your arse and open your eyes before spewing sewerage. Go back to school and learn to read between the lines….

      19. Bent you are living in a dream world if you don’t eyour fact’s shut your emty can f**er I bet you you are just one brain dead fuck

      20. Wow, you sound like the British that colonised both black & white in SA…know your history bollock boy!!!!

      21. Brent you obviously don’t know South Africa or South Africans. Yes we have issues and challenges. Yes there is corruption and yes we had apartheid. That was 30 years ago. We are a rainbow Nation and the Springboks epitomize that. You don’t have to respect a person because of your values and morals but you have to respect his position. He was elected by a democratic vote and deserves a handshake at minimum. We not asking New Zealand to come for dinner it’s a handshake which is a gesture of respect to someone….

      22. Do you know the geography of South Africa, the history of migration into SA because if you did you would know there was no South Africa before, and where the Dutch settled there over 400 years ago was uninhabited, the biggest nation was the Zulu and they lived thousands of miles away in Natal, you know only what you’ve read in news paper headlines, but it is much more complex, 90% of the population came from somewhere else, only went there recently to work in the mines that belonged to the British for many years before anyone ‘lived there’.

      23. You haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about. Fucking idiot. You’re probably the kind that’s blaming Israel for everything too!

      24. Brent stay on your Kant babba,YOU sure Suzie didn’t Poisson the all blacks like the loss of 95, doesn’t matter what the politics is Jordie is a un mannered, ignorant little sore loser just like your English buddy’s,if you win by 200 runs or 1 point it’s a win
        4 TIMES

      25. You have no idea what you talk about. Rather keep your rubbish comments to yourself if you do jot know the history of South Africa.

      26. who is “they” paleface? It was you Poms who were responsible, same as you invading Ireland, Scotland and Wales too> Hypocrit!

      27. I think you maybe need a bit of help dearie. 😉
        First of all New Zealand didn’t invade South Africa and secondly Hypocratic is derived from the Greeks as a medical oath.
        Back to school for you !
        No excuse for a sore loser and dubious manners !

      28. Who invaded who exactly the bantu invaded the native xhosa people and took over before the dutch and portiguese arrived on the scene so wtf are you on about

      29. Actually if you had a clue about history you would know that the first people in what is today South Africa where the whites, prior to that it what the Koi-San people. So before you open that big bowl of yours and spew out garbage check the facts.

      30. You dont know a thing.!!!! If you dont have the facts rather keep your trap shut.All you do is showing your ignorence.

      31. Dude, educate yourself, learn something about the true history of South Africa, and stop listening to the propaganda BS you’ve been sold.

      32. what an idiotic comment..do you even have 3 braincells? what you referred to happened over 300 yrs ago.. you stupid dumb person.. you know f nothing about the modern SA..must be awefull and hard living in the past..!!!
        it’s the New Sealanders prerogative to not shake Ramaphosas hand.. I wouldnt either even as a South African..

      33. You clearly know nothing about South African history, they are invaders themselves. Bushmen are the original owners of the land not the black Africans you see in South Africa today!!

      34. You are talking out of your ass. You obviously know nothing about the History of South Africa or the current affairs. So, shut the #&*$ up!!

      35. Open your mouth and talk when you know what you are talking about buddy. Ignorance is currently your strong suit

      36. Since when did you become an expert on South Africa? You have no idea of the facts, but you spout a racist piece against a country which you obviously know nothing about. Rather shut it, big talker, your ignorance and lack of decency and meaningful education is showing. Come over here and live what Ramaphosa is doing to the country, then open your yap

      37. Educate yourself before commenting on a public platform something you nothing about and most probably never been to.

      38. You sound like a brain dead pomy not like someone that actually knows what they talking about. You’ve just showed what a dumb prick you are

      39. In 1972, SA blacks owned 360,000 vehicles. (More than all the black African states together)
        The monthly income of blacks per capita in 1988 was R352 per month in South Africa – Malawi and Mozambique was less than R20 per month.
        In 1988 black people could undergo a complicated heart valve surgery for just more than $ 1 while black Americans had to pay $ 15,000. In a Pretoria hospital between 2,000 and 3,000 of these surgeries were done per year.
        In 1970, black workers earned R1,751 million, or 25.5% of the total wage fees in SA and increased to R17,238 million in 1984 (1,000% growth) and 32.3% of total wages in SA.
        In the 1986/1987 financial year, whites paid R9,000 million and blacks R171 million tax. Indians paid R257 million and coloreds paid R315 million on tax.
        Between 1962 and 1972 the UN paid $ 298 million to underdeveloped countries compared to South Africa that spent $ 558 million on the development of its black areas.
        The budget amount for black education increases every year from 1970 to almost 30% more than any other government department.
        From 1955 to 1984 the number of black scholars increased from 35,000 to 1,096,000. In 1988 71% of the adult black population could read and write versus 47% in Kenya, 38% in Egypt and 34% in Nigeria. On average during the year 15 new classrooms per working day were built for black scholars.
        In 1985 there were 42,000 black students enrolled at SA universities.
        There were 5 black universities and 28 higher education institutions funded by the government.
        Soweto with its population of 1.2 million had 5 modern stadiums versus Pretoria with its 600,000 whites who had three. Soweto had 365 schools versus Pretoria 229. In Soweto in 1978, there were 115 football fields, three rugby fields, 4 athletic tracks, 11 cricket fields, two golf courses, 47 tennis courts, 7 swimming pools, 5 bowling halls, 81 basketball fields, 39 children playgrounds and countless community halls, cinemas and clubhouses.
        In Soweto in 1978, there were 300 churches, 365 schools, 2 technicons, 8 clinics, 63 kindergartens, 11 post offices and its own fruit and vegetable market.
        The white government built a huge hospital Baragwanath 3,000 beds in Soweto. One of the largest and most modern hospitals in the world.
        Its 23 operating theaters were equipped with the best equipment money can buy.
        Here blacks were treated at a nominal cost of R2 for an unlimited period.
        In 1982, no fewer than 898 heart surgeries were done here.
        Next to the Baragwantha Hospital is the St. John-eye clinic, famous for the treatment of glaucoma, previous fix retinas, traumatic eye injuries and rare tropical diseases.
        There were over 2,300 registered firms, 1,000 taxi operators and 50,000 car owners in Soweto.
        Dr. Kenneth Walker, a Canadian physician, visited Soweto and made the following observations:
        He saw several houses worth more than R100 000 with various BMW’s at the door.
        Only 2% of homes are shacks with neat buildings with lawns. If he had to choose between the decaying apartments in New York, Detroit or Chicago than he would rather stay in Soweto.
        He’d rather be very ill in Soweto as in some Canadian cities.
        He says the city has more schools, churches, cars, taxis, and sports fields than any other independent African states.
        In 1978 the South African government built a highly modern hospital MEDUNSA on the border of the independent state of Bophuthatswana at a cost of R70 million on 35 hectares. In this “city” there were living and sleeping facilities for male and female students.
        Black doctors, dentists, veterinarians and para-medical staff were trained. It is the only specialized university of its kind in Africa and one of the few in the world financed by white taxpayers exclusively to benefit blacks. Almost all students who mainly came from the national homelands costs were taken care of by the government.
        The practical training took place in the nearby Garankuwa Hospital farm where the whole range of human ailments is covered.
        Garankuwa had the facilities for kidney transplants, isotopes units with specialized laboratories where 200 doctors were trained practically every year.
        South Africa provided training for the airline personnel of Swaziland, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zaire and the Comores.
        In 1979, when the train traffic to the Malawian capital Lilongwe was interrupted by rebels, SA sent transport aircrafts with fuel drums to keep their economy going.
        In 1986, 80,000 black businessmen from Africa visited Cape Town to finalize business deals.
        South Africa provided the grain needs of its neighboring countries and wider. In 1980, Zambia received 250 000 tons of maize, Mozambique 150,000 tons maize and 50 000 tons of wheat, Kenya 128,000 tons maize and Zimbabwe 100 000 tons. Other countries that also received South African grain were Angola, Ivory Coast, Malawi, Mauritius, Tanzania and Zaire.
        At least 12 countries of Africa, according to the “Argus African News Service” were so dependent on SA grain that a total ban on imports and exports would have destroyed them economically.
        About half of Lesotho’s male population worked in South Africa, about 146,000 in 1983, and earned R280,6 million which was about half of Lesotho’s treasury.
        In the 1982/83 financial year SA budgeted R434 million for assistance to the independent neighboring states.
        SA produced more electrical energy than Italy, as much crude steel as France, more wheat than Canada, more wool than the US, more wine than Greece and more fish than Great Britain.
        South African trains ran on more rail lines than in West Germany, carried more passengers than Switzerland, have better punctuality record than Austria and exported car parts to 100 countries.
        SA mines bore down to the depth of 3,480 meters and holds the record for the deepest vertical shaft at 2,498m deep into the hardest rock in the world.
        They were accused by the world that they were a police state:
        In SA 1.4 officers for every 1,000 people while the world is as follows: UK 2.2, Israel 3.5, New York 4.3, and Moscow 10 per 1000. In South Africa there were 16,292 white policemen versus 19 177 non-white.
        They were accused of killing their political offenders:
        In 1979-1980 there were no deaths in SA prisons. In the previous 10 years 37 died versus 274 in the same period in Wales and England.
        They were accused that they payed starvation wages:
        In 1974, the average monthly income of black workers in South Africa were $ 127 versus the $ 140 in the US, the richest country in the world.
        They were accused that they locked up thousands of political prisoners:
        In 1983, 127 such prisoners are confined in SA and 11 whose movements were limited. A further 32 were under house arrest.
        The very country that brought so much to the region was was stolen. There is no denying that he West did not know this… WHY THEN DID THEY DO IT?
        Think again before you call yourself a loyal supporter of the devastating abomination called New SA or Rainbow Nation.

      40. Sounds a bit like what has happened in every country over the years. Do we all get to act like that now?

      41. Brent Murray.

        I am a South African living in the U.S. just to update you about our history. We never stole SA we bought it from the Thusan back in the days. Maybe if you people really put some effort in learn about SA and the history, and not just go by what people like you who who don’t no nothing says. Get your facts straight.

      42. You are clearly not South African and never lived there. I am. I do live there. Farmers are murdered everyday in the most brutal way. The Government keeps it quiet. People still live in townships, while the folks that were voted in to govern the country enjoy the fruits of the tax payers money. Social grants have been lowered to the point that you can’t afford food. While the politicians are traveling to Europe to watch the world cup, the country is falling a part. In my home town our Mayor gets paid $80000 a month and he is 29 years old but what is there to show for it???? Burst water pipes so water is turned off for a week at a time. Loadshedding to the point you have no electricity for 8 hours so food rots, hospitals struggle to keep premature babies and the elderly alive. If you can’t afford a generator or inverter you have to suffer through. So unless you’ve experienced any of this perhaps keep your comments where they belong….to yout ignorant self.

      43. So who made you the know it all? If you are are from British ancestors, then you have asmuch to do with the situation on SOUTH AFRICA. SO Bollocks to you!!

      44. You know nothing about SA and it’s strife!! You’re obviously from the wit Kant!! Keep your nose out of what (obviously from your lame comments above) does pertain to you!! Jou natn**i!!

      45. Are you in lala land? It wasn’t even he’s country at the time. Only the koi koi are the rightful inhabitants of which they were paid for the land. Get your facts straight.

      1. “It’s one thing if the refusal to shake his hand was race motivated but another because he didn’t want to shake hands with a corrupt politician who has fleeced the South African public to line his own pockets and supports Putin, if the latter, then I say “good on ya”

        Its just a rugby player refusing to shake his hand. Can’t say I don’t blame him. Don’t make everything about colour man” –
        I borrowed from a previous response

    2. Everything is about color…. The USA & British continue to thieve over the resources, not only on South Africa, but of the whole continent, with the reputation to anialate any sovereign country that refuses. Yet no one says nothing. Staging bombings, killing thousands of their own people, on their own land… js so they validate invading other countries for their resources….

      So for those reasons, he is racist…and all of you are racist for supporting him, if you were not, u would boycot the president of France, USA and the British… U can’t…. coz they r the same color as ur selves….

      Nibe nithethelela ububhanxa apha….

      1. Talking if an old World. Now, the dark masters of the continent are China and Russia. Twi highly respectable countries with clean Human right records and no blood stain on their hands. This is a well known fact, isn’t it ?
        Human wherever they are have always moved, encounter other tribes or big animals in their land if adoption. Everywhere this led to wars and more often than not the extermination or, at best, the enslavement of the loser.
        History of SA is just that. No obe holds any right on any land, no one is the good ir the bad. People of today have no right to take sides in conflicts that are not theirs hut thise of their ancestry. We are only responsible fir our deeds of today and their consequences for the future. .

        1. Agree totally wont shake his hand either our matrics are writting exams with loadshedding but rugby was watched without loadshedding his corrupt and doesnt care about the people of SA one bit

      2. Ummm confused…isn’t Jordie Barrett from New Zealand?? Isn’t the generational inter tribal wars killing “their own people”?? Hasn’t the ANC for DECADES had bombings, rubber necklaces etc….oh its not a question, it’s a fact. You are racist towards your own color if you support the ANC.

    3. Jordie is not bigger then the game(rugby)thats disrespectful…bad looser…but they going on about a hakka if u disrespect that shit

    4. Agreed. What the corrupter in chief was doing there beats me. Basking in the glory of the very team his party sought to destroy. We had hopes after Zuma that he would turn things around. Not so. A BIG disappointment, but what can you expect from the cANCer government who had spent the last 30 years almost, systematically destroying the South African economy, it’s infrastructure, the value of it’s currency and our standing in the international community. The only we have left to give us pride are our sportsmen and women.

      1. I agree 100% ! The cANCer does not deserve to be in government and to rule this country. Everything the whites spent years and years to built was destroyed and stolen by the cANCer. Yet the majority of SA still vote for them!

    5. You just as racist as Barret. It doesn’t matter what your personal opinion is about a President of a country as a international sports person you never show so much disrespect. Verwoerd was a murderer but I’m sure you wouldn’t have condoned this type of action towards the racist Verwoerd. Please respond and defend this. Cause it will just proof my point.

      1. Sorry just confirm you think that I should have been polite to Hitler if I’d met him because he was the leader of a country?????

    6. Totally agree- he supervised state capture on his watch. Same as Netanyahu- he split Israel with his change of legislation and then allowed Hamas to invade- all on his watch. Both must go

    7. One of the prettiest comments ever, If he is really for justice , why did he shake Macron’s hand with the atrocities he is committing in Africa.Your lack of knowledge exposes your stupidity and entitlement.Why bring politics you know nothing about to sport. The biggest fool is YOU because you only operate on hearsay politics.

    8. Haha who invaded SA first,oppressed and killed millions for decades 🤔 do your research before you open your mouth 😡

    9. I agree 100%. As a South African, I feel nothing for this guy. He supports Russia, China and even Hammas.

    10. I can think of another government which works like that – in case you need a hint it’s Sunak’s
      Granting contracts to mates, allowing water companies that their predecessors privatised to put profits before Health of our seas and waterways and allowing other privatised utilities to make billions in profits

    11. Well my people ,We been smothered with lies by the system .If the media wasn’t controlled an the people In charge of the world. The All seeing Eye ,Kaball ,Khoisan was wiped out by Germans. Land was taken. But still in this stage we have our president ,Who has sold us out an is part of the Ullumintati He is denying all other race from rights ,no work for coloureds Indians an white ,Crime rate high an committed mostly buy corruption an look at what race is committing the most. Again it’s not about race. Getting back to slavery. Black leaders were selling there own as slaves,an Slavery was world wide with other races aswell an still happening today. So it’s time to grow up an move on. I’m off colour but can say wen the other party was in charge our country was working ,mite not been fair
      But it was Dam well better. We had electricity running water. Decent roads. Hospitals,skooling. An now we have our motherland been plundered by greed ,idiocy an it’s time for the Decent People of all races who wants to live a fruitfully life to stand up for what’s urs. Don’t let the Politician who’s salary u paying an taxes they stealing. CONTRoll YOuR Life. Take back ur power.
      The MeEk Shall Rise. An The SoUTh Will Rise Again
      KhOISAn Will run the Country better ,
      An it will Make it the Rainbow Nation it deserves to be
      Positive Vibes Mah People

    12. He doesn’t like South African male citizens, so we have a problem with that as men of this country and their collapsing of this country with his friends.

    1. Overseen what if u dont know the story of south africa dont tell it then .. nz must look after the forgotten and oppressed

      1. Exactly, I have now lived in Australia longer than I lived in the country where I was born, here at least I know where I stand with it’s people, sadly I don’t know where I stand with my own. Thank God the Maori stood up to these invaders after they stole our land & changed it’s name. We are 1 oh no we aren’t 🤔

        1. lol the Maori invaded NZ themselves so its a bit rich to start pointing the finger and those who came later… least the Maori didnt get eaten.

        2. The Maori Invaded, massacred and stole New Zealand long before white people came and did something similar to them! Facts!
          Now that you live in Australia you also have become a colonizer, for your comment, you win tool of the week!

        3. Not sure the colonialist changed New Zealand Aotearoa’s name.!not sure they were invaders either.Just happy we are slowly becoming a multicultural country with a amazing history and language.

        4. So many people seem to forget that the Moriori’s were destroyed by the Māori people. It’s never been proven who arrived in New Zealand first and therefore can’t be proven who the land actually belonged too. However the Land that was being occupied by the Moriori’s at the time were not shared by the Māori people until they navigated their way to the same location. The Māori’s then overtook the land and the Moriori’s and overtime may’ve wiped them out, with some rumours of people still out there with that blood line. So are the Māori people the rightful owners of the land or are they the same as the white people that came after them and did exactly what they did without actually killing all the Māori people. There’s a myth that this rumour of the Moriori’s is not true so that the white people can use this story against the Māori people to claim land.
          I’m sure this will upset a few people and it’s aimed to hopefully not do so, it’s merely advising people about another culture other than the Maori’s that once shared our Beautiful Aotearoa! The most important thing is education and giving every generation to tools to understanding the backbone of the country you live in and with this education we can heal, learn and grow together to make a bond that is powerful, respectful, & Loving.
          Kia Kaha Taku ataahua tangata.

        5. Really ,and where are u from ,let me critisize your infallible ancestors a bit ,u must be living in the perfect world
          O from australia ,si u left your ancestral country where your grand parents did what u just said,to a country where people invaded the island and took it from the indigebous oeople who are now today still being treated badly even worse than our people so get of your high horse of being so innocent you are a traitor and defecter to your own upbringing and not willingbto fix the past and grind through what we are going theough ,bo its easier ti pack up ,flee ,and settle in somevody elses country and make like nothing has happened

      2. I’m a Maori and don’t feel forgotten or oppressed so leave my race out of this, you can’t even compare this man’s actions to anything that happens in NZ and just for the record, Maori is spelt with a capital letter and there is no such word as ‘maories’ in our language

      3. What are you on about. Maori people barely even exist, they are all diluted and not a single person is alive from 150 years ago. Noone who is alive in NZ is treated any different, in fact, maori have more access to things than anyone else does. Racism, of course not, they aren’t white! Stupidity….

      4. No such thing as “maories”! As for forgotten and oppressed Maori, I presume you mean forgotten and oppressed by you because governments have been handing out millions to them over the years…probably billions!

      5. Maori are not suppressed in New Zealand. You must have been exposed to propaganda to say that. You should also be aware that there is no full blooded Maori now so you would be referring mostly to Europeans with some Maori genetics and cultural heritage.

    2. At least get the spelling right man. The word is Maori and I making a presumption you know little about what you are talking about.

      1. Eish, living the past will never get us anywhere.

        We are the future let’s work together, fight the wrongs and prosper the rights

    3. Now this is a comment I can relate to. It is a sport, watched by all children.
      In life, like in sports, we win or lose on the field of play. Off the field, is where our true character realy shines.

  2. Piss off Brian
    NZ is addressing the past.
    But unlike SA were the corruption & safety of the people there are at risk.

    1. South African corruption, or corruption of any other country in African is perpetuated by the US & British… js so they can continue plunder the minerals of this continent….

      Whenever there is an African leader with committed to better and relieve his nation and continent from poverty, he becomes a dictator or is somehow assassinated. Js so they can put their puppet and the corruption continues….

      1. Can you explain what happens to the millions of pounds worth of charity and sent from UK and other countries goes ? Your leaders either take it or let us build aid and destroy it so that your people cannot live peacefully don’t tar a whole country with the same brush their are many “English” people who give in the hope you find peace

  3. If the man is as corrupt as people say , then good on Barrett for blanking him . Plenty of others would have smiled sweetly and shook his hand just to keep the peace . The man has stood by his beliefs and should be applauded for doing so 👏👏👏👏👏

    1. South Africa applauds Barrett and stands by his decision.
      No man should be forced to compromise his beliefs and morals based on sport or a popularity contest.

    2. Im a south African, and idiot of a president should not have been there, he is corrupt to the core, he spoil my world cup ending. Thank you Barrett, luv your honesty. keep well.

  4. Good for him. Ramaphosa is a corrupt, thieving scumbag. Rotten to the core and supports Putin. Nothing to do with race. Everything to do with ‘you’re a scumbag’.

    1. Barrett probs one of those Apartheid state Israel supporters. While Ramaphosa and SA fully stand by Palestine.

    2. SA has taken a neutral stance with regard to the Russia- Ukraine conflict – it daren’t do otherwise.
      Ramaphosa (btw, I’m no fan of his) has even offered to try and broker a peace between Russia and Ukraine.

      However, it appears that you clearly do not know about the West’s broken promises to Russia (re NATO expansion eastwards of Germany) – I respectfully suggest you do some research on the matter.

  5. A brave gesture in raising the corruption that that president overseas in S.A – well done Jordie Barrett!

    1. Typical….lol 😂
      Corruption is always overseas… in SA. Investigate ur own governmen, u will see real corruption and the levels they took to cover it… so u can always point elsewhere for corruption, instead of urselves

  6. There was a coach for Sth Africa or Eng that didn’t let them put his medal on and still not on 4 photo. Go check that photo out, leave NZ alone 😔

  7. I think you Foreigners are talking about the theiving corrupt Jacob Zuma 2 very different people.
    Ramaposa is actually the person who created the task team to look into state capture and corruption and has already had 5 billion returned to SA.
    Know you stuff before commenting. PS Jordie does seem a bit arrogant. Regardless of his personal views he is still a dignitary.

  8. Good on him. I for one salute him. Why would you want to shake the hand of a corrupt self indulging poes. Well done Georgy.

  9. Seriously would you shake hands with a corrupt piece of sh+t that cares nothing for humanity?? Including Macron or any of those elite loser puppets. They do not deserve respect on any level.
    Chin up Jordie you had a massive tournament.

  10. Good on him! I am sure this was not racially motivated but rather a man taking a stand against the most corrupt, thieving, inhumane leader ever. It would be like shaking the hand of Hitler. Believe me, I live in South Africa. I would take a stand against being in his presence, never mind shaking his hand. He is certainly no Nelson Mandela. Cry my beloved country!

    1. Rampie walked past me and my tourists in Cape Town at the waterfront jhst after he was elected as President. I shouted out loud, “At last our country is going be good again economically!!!”

      All his bodyguards immediately showed me their guns and one told me to fuckoff!!!

  11. Well done I say. A lot of comment here in South Africa around Ramaphosa muscling in the way he did – and his and his party’s never-ending graft is the complete antithesis of everything that team stand for. Yes, he’s the President, but he had no place muscling his way in front of Kolisi and lifting the trophy.

  12. Just a little fact. When the white man settled in the Cape the Zulu nation did not exist at all in South Africa. Fact.

  13. Just a little fact. When the white man settled in the Cape the Zulu nation did not exist at all in South Africa.

  14. I doubt Jordi refusing to shake hands with Ramaphosa has anything to do with the state of SA under Ramaphosa’s leadership.
    Ramaphosa didn’t exactly look statesmanlike in his rugby jersey. He probably didn’t recognise him, believing he was teams mascot.

  15. I’m a Proud South African and i couldn’t care less about this, not everything is about color, corrupt presidents gets away with a lot and be praised and respected aftr all the bullshit they a causing, loadshedding was suspended almost throughout the world cup, now it’s back on whilst our kids are writing their final exams, which makes it harder for them to study at night…he got what he deserves🙄

  16. President or not! What a huge disrespect for Sportsmanship!!!! At least the Spingboks has this Respect thats why they are the Champions! NZ, you should maybe start by teaching them the necessary manners! Pathetic!!!!

  17. Go and sit in your chair, you idiot. You know nothing, take a backseat and shut the hell up. When you understand things a little more, the adults in the room will tell you when to speak. You fool.

  18. Typical….lol 😂
    Corruption is always overseas… in SA. Investigate ur own governmen, u will see real corruption and the levels they took to cover it… so u can always point elsewhere for corruption, instead of urselves

  19. South African corruption, or corruption of any other country in African is perpetuated by the US & British… js so they can continue plunder the minerals of this continent….

    Whenever there is an African leader with committed to better and relieve his nation and continent from poverty, he becomes a dictator or is somehow assassinated. Js so they can put their puppet and the corruption continues….

  20. Shame on you Jordie….Were you never taught manners as a child ? OR was it sour grapes because your side had just lost to the best side in the world ……were you just having a little sulk ? Your captain , your manager / coach, your wife or mother , father didnt have anything to say about your childish behavior. Great example as a Dad if you are one !!!!

  21. Sorry for even commenting on this, but you people are judgmental on every thing. Even if he is so corrupt and whatever, how does it matter to you? do you even live in SA??? If not just refrain from opening your mouth or in this case your keyboard. You have no idea what is happening here or in other countries as there is war in Israel and people are dying. Basic manners does not cost you anything, maybe he is not racist but remains a sour loser, in which case I would say he does not belong in the game. As I try to teach my kids to enjoy the sport they are practicing, because if you don’t enjoy what you are doing you won’t be happy so why do it. 2 teams play out in a final 1 will win the other take 2nd place, so there will be more opportunities for them to try and win the cup. Its not like they’ve never won it before hey?????

  22. I am really pleased and respect Jordie for snubbing Ramaphosa. As the ‘leader’ of the ANC the real World and the peoples of this Country entrusted them to build South Africa. Instead he and his cadres ruined and pilfered this country. In 30 years they have made no contribution, destroyed the country through pilfering, stealing and corrupt dealings. R41 trillion stolen and he has the Gaul to attend what the Springboks have worked for to unite our country. He came back and in a presidential address to the nation claimed success for the ANC. It is despicable, disgusting and cajoling the Russians and supporting the Palestinians is even more so. We need such support to get rid of these crooks even if it is with only one (1) vote.

  23. Well done !!!!!! no politician should be acknowledged if he climbs on the band wagon to use Sportsmans accomplishments to try further his political agenda .

  24. South African ANC govt is such a criminal cabal ,they have undermined any future the peasants might have had ,I left it behind in disgust to live in New Freeland ,good onya Jordie for blocking that Savage

  25. Corruption in SA is just not one man,it is a goverment as well as all politicians black or white. They are not held accountable for their unethical behavior. And you need prove to blame

  26. Sport has nothing 2 do with politics Saturday nite was about us winning the world cup and what a show of bad sportmanship from New Zealand,

  27. It’s got nothing to do with race. Repect is earned and I wouldn’t shake his hand either he is corrupt and destroying a beautiful country. He is letting his people suffer while him and his maatjies line their pockets.

  28. What the WHITE Racist do to coloured and black PPL in South Africa especially CAPE TOWN..noo surprise

  29. The vast majority of South Africa would not shake Cyril Ramaphosas hand , him and his ANC cabinet are liars and thieves , a fact to which they admit to , state capture , google it !
    Freedom of choice , I applaud your balls Jordie Barrett !!!

  30. But shaking the French Presidents hand supporting the massacre of Palestinians is ok right ? #doublestandards

  31. Despite what Ramaphosa’s domestic problems at home in South Africa it was purely disrespectful not to shake his hand. After all he is the elected president of South Africa. Rather leave the claim of not shaking his hand out of it and let South Africa deal with their political issues. I believe this is just a show of poor sportsmanship and a lack of respect in general! What would be said if a South African rugby player refused to shake Jacinda’s hand?

    1. Everyone has to moan about something don’t they, like England not putting their medals around their necks at the last World Cup or Messi putting on an Arab gown.
      By the way Jacinda is not prime minister any more.

  32. Africa’s leaders continue trading their people’s welfare to the highest bidder ever since the slave trade…to the extent that the growing masses now look to a ‘privileged minority’ to keep the ship afloat.

    It seems the ANC aren’t industrious by default, hence exhausting one resource after the next.

    Greed is a global phenomenon however greed coupled with the incompetency to lead is disastrous for all!

  33. Jordie Barrett-100 percent right- I also wouldn’t particularly shake hands with a person like Ramaphosa’s corrupt politician.

  34. Forget the featured story just read the comments 🫣 that tells you more than you need to know about the polarisation, anger, frustration, ignorance, and racism of us South African people.

  35. At this stage all of us can only speculate about Jordie’s actions or lack,it MIGHT even be race related but more about the disappointment of losing ,if it was really about race ,did he shake the “black players” hand on the field after the game or just shook the hands of white players unfortunately given our history and social issues everything will be about race besides only the ones who is really in the know could talk about the history of our country not through distorted versions of what we read,as non of us were there to see and experience first hand what and how it really happened,what seems to be factual though is that whites found people in SA upon their arrival ,yes the might have been unoccupied arreas where they settled,truth of the matter as Africans we have birthright on this continent where we live as stranger and beggars in our own land ,which was divided by borders hence we can’t tolerate each other as Africans on our own continent


  37. Good on you Jordie! The fat cat Ramencola should get the respect he deserves. He and the African National Criminals have managed to loot, steal, burn down, impoverise this country for almost 30 years. Regardless of what happened 40, 100 or more than 300 years ago. Then Ramencola boasts about the few things that his regime has done right, lying to his “fellow South Africans”. Winning the Rwc have very little to do with the ANC’s achievements, more like white populations achievements as well as quota players.

  38. Assuming that his action was deliberate; For me, there is a place and time for everything. That moment was not the place or time. Keep your toys in your cot.

  39. Other labels — such as a medical doctor, surgeon, researcher, professor, lieutenant, captain, Caucasian, Ph.D., American and so forth — would fall somewhere down the list after the most important identifier as you are sons/daughters of God

    With that in mind, he told the young adults that first and foremost, each of them is a child of God. Second, as a member of the Church, they are a child of the covenant. And third, they are a disciple of Jesus Christ.

    “Tonight, I plead with you not to replace these three paramount and unchanging identifiers with any others, because doing so could stymie your progress or pigeonhole you in a stereotype that could potentially thwart your eternal progression,” President Nelson said.

    Labeling is universally limiting, he said. Labels divide and restrict the way people think about themselves and each other. Labels can also lead to judging and animosity, abuse or prejudice — which is all offensive to God.

    “Please do not misunderstand me,” he said. “I am not saying that other designations and identifiers are not significant. I am simply saying that no identifier should displace, replace or take priority over these three enduring designations: ‘child of God,’ ‘child of the covenant’ and ‘disciple of Jesus Christ.’”

    Any identifier not compatible with those three basic designations will ultimately disappoint and let a person down, because it does not have the power to lead to eternal life and the celestial kingdom, continued President Nelson. Worldly identifiers will never affirm divine DNA and divine potential.

    “Make no mistake about it: Your potential is divine. With your diligent seeking, God will give you glimpses of who you may become,” he said.

  40. What we did a few centuries ago is none of the white man’s shit. Take care of your history where you came from, you have a much more cruel history than us Africans.

  41. Whites are racist, they were accusing Mbonambi for being racist but Irb kept quit about that incident. If it was a black person iyhoooooo

  42. History is history, thats all lies. Our country was stolen. The fact of the matter is the present that counts. Politicians are all corrupt, I wouldn’t shake their hands at all. They are a disgrace to this country.

  43. I feel that it says a lot about a person. To shake a person’s hand is free. Its disrespectful and shows bad sportsmanship. Its rude and also shows low quality person. O dont care what color you are, if someone puts his/her hand out to greed or congratulate you its good manners to do the same. Sis poor up bringing poor quality person. Shame on you All blacks who refused to shake Ramaphosas hand

  44. I am from SA, I support the All Blacks, I am not racist, just merely a South African. I don’t believe Jordie should be scrutinized. It is his choice to do what he wants to do. Politics has f all to do with the world cup. If Ramaposa was offended, that is on him. Maybe the dirty look was because he feels entitled. Oh, and, who cares?!

  45. So you guys are telling me that the unity during the world cup was all for show? All of it was for fuck all? Everyone here is tryna sound smart and it’s actually ridiculous. Grown people with no sense bickering online about things that happened umpteen years ago. You guys need to grow the fuck up and shut the fuck up. Coexist or get the fuck outta here because whether we all like it or not, nobody is going anywhere. No race is leaving man. How did you even go from a hand shake all the way in another country to apartheid this, apartheid that? Ey shut up man. Grow up!!!!

    1. Finally, some sense. I too am wondering how a handshake debate has evolved into a discussion on politics dating back hundreds of years, for which most of us had no control over and no part of. I’m surprised no one has brought up the vikings, the barbarians, the crusaders etc etc, gosh, let’s go ask the way back to Adam and Eve at this rate. We don’t need history lessons. We need hope for a future.

  46. Delete those propaganda post, there is literally another camera angle showing Jordie shaking his hand. Smh, nothing but spreading hate and false information.

  47. Fuck Ramaphosa any way he is destroying south Africa. It’s not just load shedding, its white farm murder and genocide, human trafficking corruption.

  48. Well done to ya Jordie Barrett. At least you have good morals, conviction and and a BACKBONE!!

  49. This is becoming a racial story where it should not be it’s of now and the future just because a man has high morals and does not want to shake a man’s hand as he has no morals don’t make it white or black just people with different morals and standards

  50. I don’t care if Barrett feels any way, Ramaphosa is still our president and respect should be shown!!!!


    10 Things we’ve learnt about South Africans during the Rugby World Cup 🏉🇿🇦🏆:

    1. Racism is an ongoing struggle within our country, but let another nation accuse one of ours of a racial slur and collectively we’re ready to pounce #Kant

    2. Bongi is one of the 44 South Africans who still speak Afrikaans #JaCharlize

    3. Similarly, accuse us of not deserving the win on a public platform and 62 million of us are coming at you in all 12 official languages #EvenSignLanguage

    4. Stadium lights get dimmed for the pyrotechnics show and South Africans worldwide assume Cyril took loadshedding to Paris #WeKantBelieve 🔦🕯

    5. We’re equally confused with Jacques and Rassie’s light show because we’ve forgotten what to do when traffic lights are working 🚦🚨

    6. If you want to really make us cross… make us wear turquoise instead of green and gold 💚💛

    7. We’re tired of being called resilient, but in the moments when we have Zero F’s left to give…. the Springboks give us a Faf and we find reason to believe again ❤️‍🩹

    8. We’re so used to receiving kak news that when something positive happens we demand a public holiday to commemorate it #FamilyMeeting

    9. We dare you to find a cooler captain #BeLikeSiya

    10. Some may have made tough decisions to leave our beautiful country, others have made tough decisions to stay and fight for her… but no matter where we are – we are family 🌍💚 It’s like the sibling relationship where we bicker and argue amongst ourselves, but let someone else insult us and we’re defending like Pieter-Steph du Toit in the final.

    We have so many reasons to be proud 🇿🇦! Not just of the Springboks but of our people who have united and supported, of our local brands and companies who have brought the gees and of our schools and parents who have encouraged the next generation to support and cheer for each other! We’re leading from the bottom up 🇿🇦💚💛🏆

    1. Awesome post Wendy, if sa had more people like you we would have a wonderfull future as a country. Your post brought a smile to my face. Thks

  51. He is the President and therefore, it’s the office and not the man! How terribly sad that we spoil such a major event which brought South Africa together. How does this behaviour look internationally? Childish.

  52. For me the point is that the only politician that should have been accepted at the podium, is the French President, representing the host country. Madiba handed Francois Pienaar the Web Ellis as President of the Host Country. Other than that, politicians have no business on a sports stage. Hijacking the spotlight and basking in the Springboks glory… and where was Rassie… at the back, allowing the players to “have their moment”

  53. Whites are turning tables, this is race motivated this guy is clearly not paged about SA politics, he’s just a racist player, whites don’t account on his behalf he’s racist!!!

  54. It was the World Cup final, not a political statement or sentiment of any kind. New Zealanders have shown the world what sore losers they are. It’s simply unsportsmanlike to not shake the hand of your opponent, whatever the game. Worry about your own country and your own issues, we’ll take care of ours. The pot should not call the kettle black. We stand together as South Africans!!

    Just a reminder that we WE BEAT YOU TWICE IN ONE WEEK!! Put that in your pipe and smoke it while you lick your wounds👍🏼

  55. That mother fucker is racist I’m saying that because he shook macron’s hand and macron is responsible for the atrocities in west Africa children are starving because of macron’s policies leave our president alone for being friendly with Russia 🇷🇺 he ask the west to push for nato expansion

    Racist coloniser 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    1. This is RUBBISH! Jordie shook his hand already BEFORE this segment of the video. Go study the full video. Go do your due diligence and NEVER BELIEVE the media who are often obsessed with trying to sell their story no matter how they do it. This lying reporter needs to be sued for misinformation and defamation As if Jordie or anyone else from our ABs team would be so dumb and disrespecful. GIVE’S A BREAK!

  56. Many of you need to go research the way on which the person in question made his koney, he was a business man way before being the president, he has many a business and had to step down from them to become th president, in any business, corruption happens right under the CEO, I can bet not all the people you know or even close friends are truthful honest people, funny enough all these corruption messages are coming from white people lol irony?

  57. This is RUBBISH! Jordie shook his hand already BEFORE this segment of the video. Go study the full video. Go do your due diligence and NEVER BELIEVE the media who are often obsessed with trying to sell their story no matter how they do it. This lying reporter needs to be sued for misinformation and defamation As if Jordie or anyone else from our ABs team would be so dumb and disrespecful. GIVE’S A BREAK!

  58. Jordie didn’t shake hands with him because he is known to be a corrupt politician who supports Putin! So I say good on ya Jordie! But bad on ya Jordie for holding up the ball when the Irish maul crashed over the try line for what I thought would be our ticket to the final! 😥 ☘️

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