A video has hit the net that appears to show what Jordan Henderson said to Gabriel, this doesn’t look great..

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Liverpool lost to Arsenal today in a cracking game of football, this is a different Arsenal side than other years, they have a bit of steel about them.

During the game today Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson had a clash with Arsenal’s Gabriel Magalhaes and footage has been leaked online now of someone that was at the game and whatever the Liverpool skipper said it doesn’t look great and is going to be investigated by the FA. 

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It will be interesting to see what comes from this, we don’t know what the former Sunderland player said, but I’m sure we won’t be long finding out in the coming days.. Interesting time ahead for the Liverpool midfielder..

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    1. Gabriel’s reaction is on the 1st second. Nobody but Gabriel could have heard anything.
      Everyone else is reacting to Gabriel repeating it.

    1. Come on, why not? Do you think that this a case of Liverpool being picked on! Remember back when Liverpool fans thought they were the best in the world, then they indirectly caused the deaths of the Juventus fans, but of course, that wasn’t heir fault was it, just as it wasn’t the fault of the Liverpool fan who dropped a paving slab on the head of that guy in Istanbul! It’s never your fault for anything your fans or players do is it?

    2. I’m sure you said the same thing when Suarez racially abused Evra and everyone at the club stuck up for him. Pathetic.

  1. i really hope henderson didn’t really say that and i want to believe that he hadn’t said anything to gabriel but the look on firmino’s face just shows that henderson has told gabriel something that shouldn’t be said sad but you have to

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