🚨Gary Neville & Joleon Lescott had quite the reaction when Eni Aluko was trying to make a point ..

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Gary Neville is on ITV this evening with Joleon Lescott and Eli Aluko and the two former defenders had a funny face up on them when Eni Aluko was trying to make a point, have a look below and some of the comments underneath ..

lol she’s not meaning in the 10 shirt silly, shes meaning in the starting 10 formation on the pitch (goalie aside obvs)

The lads face says it all… Ffs. And anyone that agrees with them are “racists”. That’s how the game is played isn’t it???

taly have Del Piero and Totti as both 10 in 2000’s. Never worked together, they try push del piero/totti as striker but gave up on 2006 and finally won the world cup.

she is simply saying play 2 CAMs 4-1-4-1 instead of a 4-2-3-1 shape City & Arsenal literally do a similar thing but 3-2-4-1 shapes it’s not that difficult to comprehend

She’s not the greatest pundit but let’s face it we all know what she’s trying to say okay Bellingham Foden and Rice in centre. Southgate never going to do that mind even though Rice holding and Foden Bellingham just ahead would have been an ideal game today. Ah well

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  1. She still learning how to explain herself.
    Like men have never fumbled …. especially Gary lol
    They need to grow up.

  2. Anyone who disagrees with Eni Aluko is only doing so because of her skin colour and because their racist not because she might be wrong, you all must be fans of Joey Barton 🙄

    1. Are you on drugs my man?? People can disagree because they have a different opinion. Like I disagree with you saying anyone who disagrees with her is racist, I’m black and disagree, am I racist? Or do I have a different opinion. And you can’t pick and choose when racism fits your agenda, I’m either racist because I disagree or I’m not??

    2. Nothing to do with skin colour!! I can listen to Wrighty, Mica, Darren Bent Joleon Lescott et al, all day long because they’ve played at this level. Not at a completely different game albeit a ‘form’ of football. Anyone who even thinks this has to do with racisism clearly has a warped mind!

    3. You absolute clown. It’s nothing to do with skin colour and you saying that shows you know nothing about football. ‘Anyone who disagrees is a racist’ is what you are saying and it’s utter bollocks.

    4. Get a grip ffs, she is only there to tick boxers and nothing else, and yes I love Joey 😁

  3. ‘Racist’ because you don’t agree with something said. What a diabolically stupid statement make.
    The card that never goes away.

  4. Neville, Lescott, Keane, Keown etc must drive home swearing at the dash board about how they have to put on a fake smile and nod along with these clueless women, and before you comment I am a woman and have watched live and TV, read, coached, refereed and played football since I was 8 and am now 61, so I would say my knowledge is pretty good, but there is no place for women commenting on men’s professional football. Levels !

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